October 07, 2009

Autumn's concerto's Vanness Wu NGs easily when filming intimate scenes. fine imposed

Source : TTV
Translation : chipmunk0318 @ http://asianfanatics.net

TTV SETTV's idol drama Autumn's Concerto, Vanness Wu and Ady An kiss nonstop. In the ice rink, in the house, garden scenes, both of them had kissing scenes in all of these places before. Ady says " And there are still a few more scenes where there were 'almost kisses', but when the audience see those, they will definitely have alot of feelings." Although that is so, when both of them film intimate scenes, Vanness often NGs. Ady laughs " Now the production team has set in place the double Wu NG fine. As long as Vanness Wu or Wu Kang Ren NG, they will be fined.

Autumn's concerto premiered on 4th October on TTV. It can be said that this drama has caused quite a sensation before it even showed on tv.During the premiere event, the japanese media even sent teams to cover it. Vanness says: This is my first project in more than two years. I hope everyone will continue to give me their support.

Autumn's Concerto is helmed by Golden Bell Best Director Chen Hui Ling, together with the fresh pair of Ady An and Vanness Wu, it gives the audience alot of expectations and space for imagination. Earlier, while filming an intimate scene with the two leads, it led the Pisces Chen to become teary eyed. She said" Vanness' character is ill in the drama and as a result is unable to shave by himself. Ady's character then leads him to sit on the toilet bowl, and proceeds to sit on his lap and help him shave. When she acts out this scene, it is so filled with love. This scene made my eyes teary."

Vanness and Ady have been kissing non stop since the start of filming. Ady laughingly said " Our skating, being on the swings, within the house scenes all had kissing scenes. But everytime we kiss the reason is different, like the one in the rink was because of Vanness' bet with someone."

In reality, both of them have NGs easily when filming intimate scenes. Ady because she is shy and Vaness because of being "not familiar and too familiar". He laughs "At the beginning, we didn;t know each other so it was very awkward filming such scenes. After hanging out together for a while, it became such that we were too familiar, so the feeling was weirdly awkward. But after balancing out for sometime, it has gotten alot better." To reduce instances of NG, the production team started a Ady chuckles saying " As long as Vanness NGs, he gets fined NT100. WU Kang Ren gets fined NT5. Because Vanness is a rich prince both on and off camera."

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com It was a mistake to watch the first episode...because now I'm totally addicted to this drama and won't have any mood to study for math.


  1. I miss this movie..I wish there would be part 2

  2. love this tv series so much, hope they will work together again.,