March 01, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Ratings

Source: SETTV
Credit: AF AC Thread

Episode 1 - 2.89
Episode 2 - 3.25
Episode 3 - 3.59
Episode 4 - 4.02
Episode 5 - 3.73
Episode 6 - 3.40
Episode 7 - 4.25
Episode 8 - 5.05

Episode 9 - 5.55
Episode 10 - 5.94
Episode 11 - 5.96
Episode 12 - 6.14

Episode 13 - 6.64
Episode 14 - 7.76
Episode 15 - 6.78
Episode 16 - 7.15
Episode 17 - 7.64
Episode 18 - 8.23
Episode 19 - 7.67
Episode 20 - 8.06
Episode 21 - 8.07

Wow. It's hard to believe there's no more AC to chase after...I'm sad. =(

AC's ratings has already passed FTLY's my heart. =D


  1. was it affected by show-rainie drama? OMG i am soo sad.. i really liked this episode..

  2. yea, it probably was...i hope it jumps back up next episode!

  3. may sound like a dumb question but how are the ratings determined?

  4. no, it's not a dumb question. i'm actually not too sure how the ratings are determined. I remember reading from somewhere tho that if u live in taiwan and want to contribute to the rating, you have to have this box(?) which i assume sends the info to the tv rating company.

  5. I don't think the ratings were affected by Hi My Sweetheart because their own rating only rose by 0.01%.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that AC is becoming a little too draggy?? It's been two episodes already that ended the same way where GX gets flash backs and sort of remembers his past... but it's so frustrating he just doesn't remember them yet... sigh.. I'm sure he's not going to remember in the next episode... sigh..
    Don't get me wrong though... I'm still ALL FOR AC!! I LOVE AC!! I just wish that something exciting will happen soon... They seem to be stuck in this 'position' for so many episodes already!

  6. We were referring to the drop in ratings of episode 5, this was also the week when HMS premiered.

    I'm pretty sure he'll remember next episode~ so excited to watch it~

  7. yeah yeaaaaaaah!!! go autumn's concerto!!!

  8. I am SHOCKED to learn about ep 15's rating. I want to believe that there was an error! Someone must be hating on this drama. Either way, I still love this drama. I'm still going to watch it to the end (I wish it wouldn't end so soon. I hope there's a part two)

  9. yay! the ratings went back up to the 7's! i was hoping for higher, but still very good :) yes yes... autumn's concerto MUST surpass/beat FTLY!! the next episode looks really good, can't wait!!!

  10. Anonymous: Don't worry, the ratings will bounce back up for sure~

    turtle88: I was hoping for high rating too, smtg like an 8! Hehehe~ Next episode is definitely going to break 8! IT HAS TO! I just saw a new preview for next episode~~~ ahhh~ soo sweeetttt! oh~happy times!

  11. I love this drama.
    I kind of agree with Lexie.
    But I still love the drama~
    I'm also anticipating the next episode.

  12. xD
    Chris Wu dived for the breaking of 6 ratings.
    and Ady An has promised to pole-dance if the drama breaks 10.

    Can't wait for episode 19~ :3

  13. omg! Thanks Meh~ that was kinda short, maybe chris could go jump again! hehehe, pole dancing! break 10 break 10~ and have van ness be the pole! HAHAHAHAAA!

    break 6 = chris jumps
    break 10 = ady pole dancing
    break 11 = chris, green tea, van ness dive
    break 15 = qiao en nude run

  14. Let's fly to Taiwan and buy boxes so we can contribute to next episode's rating! :D

  15. kinda sad that the ratings dropped. hopefully it will reach 10 or more next week! is episode 20 the last one? i will ride my broom and fly to taiwan next week! LOL.

    thanks for all your updates, btw... :)

  16. What! There's gotta be an error or maybe a whole area of Taiwan lost electricity or something. Man, episode 19 was a GREAT episode. Whatever the case, AC is still my FAVE Taiwanese drama ever! Made my heart beat so fast and I didn't want it to end. I hope they have a part two for this series! Fingers crossed!

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  18. o________o
    I was reading Ady's blog and she was talking about the pole dancing promise, but she said that her condition is that Vanness and XXB have to be the pole. xD
    This part: 那天光晞在拓也的跳水慶功上也說了,如果~收視破 ”10 ”我就回台灣跳鋼管舞,

    So technically, you don't have to cross out that "with Vanness" part. xD
    and that last picture on the bottom is so cute. :)

  19. OMG! Thanks Meh! My world suddenly brighten up a lot! Ady finally updated her bloggg! LAST EPISODE MUST BREAK 10! MUST BREAK 10! MUST BREAK 10!

  20. i really hope to see Ady pole dance. Afterall, she looks super sweet and demure!

  21. I heard that the ratings were 8.06 on another site... ://,5137,tv,00.html
    But on his blog, Vanness posted 8.46...
    is there some confusion with the ratings? :O

  22. i changed to back to 8.06. =(

    but thats pretty good for a 2 hour show!

  23. Episode 21 is 8.07, not 8.06.

  24. oops, my bad! changed it! thanks for the tip!

  25. To me, it's like the best drama ever. <3