October 11, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Episode 1 Summary A

Either the actress on the right has awesome acting skills or I just watch too much dramas, because my 6th sense tells me that this character is a gold digger. Look she's even handing over a full jar of tooth decaying poison to the piano teacher to give out to the kids!

Look at her evil smirk! She must be thinking about all the cavities her lollipops will give to the kids. Mr. 學長 (a My Queen thing, hehe) on the right, has no idea what he has done to his daughter's future. KICK THAT EVIL LADY OUT THE CARRR~

Evil Lady and gifted pianist go off to the cake store to choose a cake while Mr. 學長 goes to talk on his phone. Apparently, his company ran into some major finance problem while he walks into his own death. Talking on the phone and crossing the street does not go well together~! The #1 cause of death in DRAMAS!

Her world comes crashing down as the only person who truly cares about her leaves. =(

It makes me sad to see everyone just walk by a victim who just got HIT by a car, total ignorance! Is it that hard to make a simple phone call? Now gifted pianist is left to defend for herself in this cruel world.

Mr. 學長's company went bankrupt and the debt collectors come and do their thing while the evil lady watch "her fortune" slip out the door piece by piece.

Aww, little girl~ stay strong! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Evil lady goes berserk and lashes her anger at little girl. Evil lady screams, "Cry? What are you crying about! You are like me now! You have nothing! I should be the one crying!"

Our gifted pianist sleeping...sweet dreams.

Not wanting to care for someone who has nothing to do with her, evil lady quietly leaves our sleeping pianist. And fails because sleeping pianist wakes up and runs off the bus after evil lady.

To cure their hunger, evil lady makes gifted pianist lure the store owner away by stealing something from the store.

While the owner chases gifted pianist, evil lady sneaks in to steal some buns...

and fails because she runs too slow...

Out of nowhere, a man comes forward and offers to pay for access to evil lady's body for the stolen buns.

The strange man brings both the evil lady and our gifted pianist back to his place and serves them dinner. There's no such thing as free lunch in this world.

Pervert and evil lady just met for a few hours and he's got his dirty hand on her. Do you know what this means? Our gifted pianist is in danger! Who knows when he'll start doing things to her!

After dinner, our gifted pianist was ordered to wash the dishes, something she isn't accustomed to doing. In the process, she accidently dish cuts her finger. Heart pulling effect here! She should be playing the piano with her gifted hands, not being forced to wash dishes!

This little girl has great potential in this field. This is my first time seeing her in such a serious role. She really nails it in the dish washing scene! I guess this is what you call layered acting. No words were spoken in this scene, yet she managed to get across that feeling of not giving up despite the harshness of the world. Kudos to you, kiddo! This young actress also acted as Xia Zhi Xing's god daughter in My Lucky Star and as Tong Jia Di's niece in Why Why Love. In both series, she was the typical I-speak-like-an-adult cheeky happy girl. Autumn's Concerto shows a different acting level of this young actress.

She is very mature despite her young age. Realizing that feeling sad over her past would get her nowhere, she ties up her hair and goes back to washing dishes. She knows that her princess life style is over. Daddy left this world, he won't be there to protect her. She'll have to learn to be independent.

Some time passed and our gifted pianist is now a fish girl. She goes to the fish market to get a special fish for evil lady who is preparing to use it to hone her ass kissing skills. (Target=university president who rented the bento shop to evil lady and pervert)

Because the fish cannot survive for long in a plastic bag half filled with water, fish girl hops on a bus to get back to evil lady's shop ASAP. Unfortunately, Mr. Trouble(Van Ness) pulls his car in front of the bus and PARKS there while he takes his time breaking up with some girl causing mad traffic. Fish girl gets off bus to reason with Mr. Trouble.

Mr. Trouble, causes trouble every where he goes. Also known as Ren Guang Xi, the son of the university president. He's loaded with $$$, evil lady will surely pounce on him.

Being the sneaky type of trouble maker, he offers fish girl a "resolution". All she has to do is follow his instructions. He instructs her, "Let go of the hand brake. Pull automatic stick to the very bottom. RELEASE LEFT FEET, STEP ON RIGHT!" BOOM! The car goes backward and crashes into bus. Ouch~

As a result of his immaturity, our fish girl ends up at the Police Station with her fish which died due to a leaky plastic bag.

-sigh- rich people in dramas have so much time on their hand. Mr. Trouble puts the whole blame of the car accident on fish girl and takes his time calculating the damage done to his car.

Luckily, we have two eye witness from the scene who come barging into the station to uphold fish girl's innocence and scold the troublemaker. Their yelling and pointing was a mix of Taiwanese and Mandarin which I found to be quite amusing, hahaha.

At the end of the day, our fish girl gets her innocence back and she gets to punish the trouble maker. Hahahaha~ he has to do community service and is put to work immediately directing traffic!

This is a typical paparazzi movement. Say cheese and smile~

Guang Xi spots the "paparazzi" and snatches her phone. Hahaha~ an officer comes over and demands the cell phone back and orders him to go back to his post and direct traffic~

HAHAHAHAAA! He goes back to direct traffic and this bus with the two eye witnesses drive by and they wave at him~

Meanwhile, fish girl goes back to shop and pervert can't keep his dirty eyes off her. GET OUT OF THERE! MOVE OUT!

Our fish girl is changing in another room where there is a semi clear glass...and this pervert is laying his dirty eyes on her. And he's pretty slick about it too, pretending to wash some food..

Evil lady orders fish girl to deliver food to the university president and thank goodness fish girl is out of the place. At the president's house, fish girl warms up the food when Guang Xi comes back and has a nasty confrontation with his mom, the uni prez. I figured that in dramas, rich kids are always at odds with their parents...always.

After delivering food to the uni prez, fish girl visits her buddy, flower boy, to return a book. But...in turns out that she might have left the book back at the police station. Hahaha, when I first saw him, I thought he looked a bit like HK's Nic Tse.

Fish girl is in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower, when she suddenly hears something outside the window. She takes the boards down...

AHHH~ it's the sick pervert staring right back at herrrr!!! OMG~ how can she stand this! GET OUT OF THERE NOW! Fish girl screams, sick pervert runs and bumps into evil lady who askes about the commotion. Fish girl lies and tells her, she saw a rat in the bathroom...

OMG~ that was such a long post! So tired~ part 2 coming tomo, hopefully. Then I'll be moving on to episode 2. Nite~

Episode 1 Part B


  1. Hahaha, spoiler much? ;)

    MANN, makes me wanna watch it even moreee (I only read half way, hehe, couldn't resist but to know what's going to happen in this drama).

    I can't believe it's going to be sad already- and it's only on the first episode!! Oh gosh, that means this is gonna be such a depressing drama, haha. :)

    I'm still gonna wait for all of it to come out!! Must wait!

  2. Hahaha, I think I might spoil your plan to wait for everything to come out...because I'm gonna bombard you with loads of Autumn Concerto related posts! hahahahaaa~

    Good luck trying to stay away from it until it comes out. Its charm is unresistable. Hahahaha~

    I figured that you either have to be a extremely busy person or a person with a very strong sense of drama self control to resist this drama.

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