October 12, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Episode 1 Summary B

The next day at the bento shop, a line of Romeos wait to express their love to our lovely bento girl.

The first Romeo writes his msn on a 100 NTD(new Taiwan Dollar). I take that as his "love" for her is tied to money. Money is the root of all evil!

Mr. Sick Pervert there snatches the money and yells at the Romeos, "You guys come here to eat lunch or to take advantage!(looks at bills) MSN...so you wanna MSN with me, eh? Have that much interest in me, eh? No way! And don't even think about MSNing with my daughter!" Of course, he's not doing this because he truly cares about bento girl but because he wants to keep his "prize" safe from other males.

Guang Xi makes bento girl his next target and comes strolling into the shop. He makes a bet with his two buddies. He'll take away her kiss in one day.

Guang Xi goes over and orders bento girl to go on a date with him when sick pervert comes rushing out again. "You kids again! Don't listen, eh? Whose shop is this, huh? I am the biggest one here! I'm the boss. If you're not here to eat, then scram!"

"My mom opened this school!" Evil lady's eyes popped open and immediately uses her ass kissing skills on Guang Xi who uses her greediness to his advantage. Evil lady makes bento girl serve Guang Xi and he tells her that he has her book(the one that she borrowed from flower boy). And so a date is forced into her schedule for tomorrow.

They meet outside the bento shop for their first date. And Guang Xi askes bento girl: Why are you still dressed in your PJs? Clearly, she is not amused by his question and only wants her book back.

Guang Xi brings her to the hockey rink and leaves her to freeze on the benches while he...

shows off his manliness by playing hockey! But I think the hockey scenes in BF3 were somewhat better ish. Or maybe Kevin just happens to look better than Van Ness in hockey suits. Anyhow, I must take this chance to warn you about how disappointing BF3 was, the only thing that is worth watching are the fire scenes and ... if your a kevin fan...the hockey scenes...you can skip everything else. Or if you're one of those people who like to have a beginning and a end, watch the first episode and the last, that's it. No More!

Back to AC! Guang Xi retires from the game due to an intentional accident and starts to lay down his trap to get her. He hands her a cup of warm drink and gently places his jacket around her.

"I asked you on a date because I wanted to apologize to you. Your fish. Your time. Your innocence. I'm sorry."

"Actually you don't have to apologize because apologizing is useless. Things that are lost are lost. Being hurt, the pain is still there. Apologizing won't turn back time, and it also won't let those things that already happen disappear. But since you are apologizing now, I'll accept it. At least this proves that you're not such a bad egg after all."

And now it's time for some fling on the ice rink. In the process of slipping on ice and holding tight to his hand, she tells him the story of the musical piece, Air on G String. And then...

He twirls her around, smacks his lips on hers, pulls out his camera phone...snaps a picture.

Flower boy comes barging into the rink and breaks the connection, knocking the man to the ground. "This garbage made a bet with his friends that he'll get you in one day!" he shouts angrily.

Just when she thought he wasn't a bad person, the truth is exposed. But she keeps her cool and retaliates. She says, "Flower boy, you came too early. Don't you know I made a bet with the students too. Bet that this playboy will ask me out within a month, kiss me within a week. You underestimated me. I'm not that easy to trick. Don't you always say that I'm the best at faking innocence? My bet with the students is that as long as I win, they'll come buy one month worth of meal vouchers at our bento shop. "

Wow! This is my second time encountering a smart girl in a Taiwan drama. I'm glad this role is different from the typical female roles in idol dramas. Ady An, thumbs up! Van Ness, not too shabby, keep going! Flower boy, keep tending those flowers! I really like this drama so far~but that creep, that pervert...I worry about bento girl's safety. Anyways, trust me, next episode is even better~

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  1. i'm curious....which drama was your first time encountering a smart girl in a taiwanese drama?

  2. It would be Black and White.

  3. hmmm, now that i think about it...smart is not quite the word i was looking for..

  4. do you know how many ep are in total?

  5. not sure, but it's rumored to be 12 episodes

  6. 21 episodes. It's a very good drama <3

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  8. Sure, no problem just as long as you credit my site for it~