October 17, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene

Hahahaha~ Van Ness and his NGs! Even the director comes out and makes fun of him! (看你虛偽的假面具) Wack wak! Ady and Van Ness and Van Ness' hair, they're chemistry offscreen and onscreen is undeniably addicting to watch. Especially the last scene in this film, ahhhhh~ they're so cuteee. And their kid is so funny, he keeps changing his answer. Van Ness askes him, "Who do you think is more handsome, me or Jerry?" Kid replies, "You!" Later when Van Ness is not around, Director askes him the same question and this time the kid shouts, "Jerry is most handsome!" Hahahahahahaa~

Happy Family of 3~~~~~~~~~a scene that melts the heart! Quack Quack! Hockey Scene! The puck hits his leg and Van Ness...forgets his lines again! Hahahaa~ the Assistant Director is one of the people throwing the puck at Van Ness and she vows to NG 20 times.

HAHAHAHAAA~ ADY~ she makes fun of Van Ness' Chinese skills! His script book is full of pinyin and translations~


  1. do you have a link to these videos with english subs ? i cant understand them :(

  2. english subtitle please