October 17, 2009

Ady An films a rape scene; shivers when she sees Chen Mu-yih

Source: UDN
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net
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The battle for the ratings between the weekend idol dramas is intensifying, and in order to try and get an edge over the other, the Sanlih-TTV idol drama has an upcoming rape scene, while the CTV-GTV production which goes on air today, had one of the main leads Huang Jing-lun do a flash mob-style street performance yesterday, in order to hype up viewers for the drama.

Autumn's Concerto has been on top of the rankings lately. In the drama, A-cai (Chen Mu-yih) chances upon Liang Mu-chen (Ady An) playing the piano, and therefore the premise of the rape scene is set. Ady, who has already filmed 6 such scenes, is relatively experienced when it comes to scenarios like this.

She says: “I’m already used to filming scenes whereby I’m bullied, and they can be categorized into “Successful Bullying” and “Unsuccessful Bullying”; the last few experiences I’ve had was more of body contact and the actions were really big. But this time, the director has filmed it to be more artsy, and there will not be much physical contact. And A-cai is really too good, the mental stress he enforces upon me is greater than the physical contact, he doesn’t even need to move because his expressions are already scary enough.” [Haha~ I second that! Especially that scene where his face was pressed against the bathroom window.]

Ady feels scared about her scene, whereas co-star Vanness Wu is feeling the stress of hitting too many times. He laughingly says: “This damsel-in-distress scene was actually pretty tiring to film. In the past when I did movies, we usually discuss what we’d do with our moves first. But this time it’s different, and we were worried about hitting someone during the actual filming. So in the end I was just hitting the air, and now my arm’s really tired!”

The CTV-GTV idol drama will air today at 10 PM. During a filming break yesterday, one of the main leads Huang Jing-lun specially did a flash mob-sque, KUSO version of 桃花舞春風 (T/N: some traditional dance..?) on the streets of Dongqu in Taipei. In regards to it being his time performing on the streets, and also the one activity that he is not proficient at, Huang Jing-lun said: “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life!”

10 fans joined in with the dancing, and Huang Jing-lun got so caught up in the fun of the dance that he promised that if the ratings break 4, then he would do another street performance in a bikini. However, the criterion is that he has to wear the bikini over his clothes, before he’ll actually do it.

When asked about how he feels towards the ratings, Huang Jing-lun replied that he was very relaxed, and answered lightheartedly: “I’m confident in this drama, and all of us will be responsible for each rating point that we get!”

Autumn's Concerto vs. Momo Love. Emmmm, Autumn's Concerto, hands...down. Definitely Autumn's Concerto. Sorry Calvin & Jiro. Your drama looks funny but...Autumn's Concerto is more captivating.

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