September 06, 2009

You're Fired!

So far, "You're Hired" is the best TVB drama I've seen this year. It's not a cop/detective show, and DEFINITELY not a family drama. It's a real comedy show with business as a backdrop...or you can put it the other way too, business show with loads of pure comedy. YOU, that's right, -points at you- YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW!

I just finished watching the ending of this drama and I like it a whole lot! Thank goodness, the ending didn't disappoint, otherwise, TVB would have ruined another good drama. I like how there's a twist to it. Mak Tai Song is getting ready to propose to Miu Miu who is in the dressing room, putting on makeup to get ready to be proposed to. And of course, our comedian, Ah Song cannot just give the ring to Miu Miu, he must use a creative way to present it to her. And what's better than the age old trick of hiding the ring inside the cake! First thought that came to mind was okay, she's going to eat the cake, feel the ring in her mouth, spit it out, and wa la, proposal, and the end. But oh no! That's not what happened! She ate the cake, felt the ring, didn't know that it was a ring and thought it was just something else, and swallowed it! SHE SWALLOWED THE RING! It was very big and shiny one too! Hahahahaaaa~ Guess how she got the ring out. Hahahahaa~ The ring goes in one hole...and comes out the other. She comes out from the bathroom and announces the good news. It's out! Then she tells her future husband to fish it out. Yuckkkkk! Hahahahaaaaa! Funny endinggggg!

Overall, this series is absolutely perfect! The comedy is just right, not ridicously silly like "Bride for a Ride". The business part is also on a case by case basis so you don't need to see the same company or same people for too long. And in each case, viewers learn business tactics which they can apply to their own business. And there's no pressure watching these business scenes because the main character, Mak Tai Song, kinda just dispells that heavy mood when watching these types of scenes with his don't-worry-be-happy attitude. Business to this guy is like a piece of cake and he makes it seem so simple and easy.

Both female and male lead did a great job! Wooo! It's great to see Charmaine back on screen with her gazillion outfits! She has like different outfits in every scene! Very different from out comedian, Dayo! He wears the same looking T-shirt, with the same looking red black plaid shirt,and a long black jacket everyday. And no, he doesn't have just one set but several of them lined up neatly in his closet. Comedy skills wise, it's hands down, Dayo for the win. Charamine is not bad though, she's pretty funny too! It was very funny to see her have a conversation with a tree hole!

Well, that's all for now! Remember to go watch this drama now! IT"S A MUST WATCH!!!

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