September 28, 2009

"Summer's Desire" and "Autumn's Concerto" posters clash

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @

GTV's "Summer's Desire" [lit. Summer of Bubbles 泡沫之夏] and SETTV's "Autumn's Concerto" [lit. Next Station, Happiness 下一站,幸福] haven't officially competed onscreen yet but their initial posters have already "clashed". "Summer's Desire"'s poster is divided up into three sections and so is "Autumn's Concerto"'s. Even their basic colour schemes are very similar and both have appeared simultaneously appeared at the Taipei TV Festival. Everyone who has seen the poster are curious, "Who actually copied the other?"

In regards to this coincidence, GTV's public relations chief Cai Fei Qiao admitted, even GTV employees were shocked. She said, "Lots of movie posters are like this because this approach is the clearest and simplest but these posters were made for the Taipei TV Festival. Once the drama airs, the posters won't be the same." SETTV also expressed, this poster is for the Taipei TV Festival to use, the official version is still being fixed up.

"Autumn's Concerto" will start airing soon; "Easy Fortune Happy Life"'s Joe Chen recently had a "change-over" with Ady An. Ady An [jokingly] complained that Joe Chen said she'd visit [Ady] on set but after waiting two months, she still hasn't turned up. Typically in SETTV idol dramas, the guys are handsome and the girls are unsophisticated, both girls grumbled, "Why does the male lead always wear suits while we have to dress up like village aunts?"

HAHAHAHAAA @ the girls' complaint! Maybe directions should switch the roles and have guys in village clothes and the girls in glamorous outfits. Hahaha~ I like the poster for Autumn's Concerto more than Summer's Bubble. I saw a 6 minute trailer for Autumn's Concerto~ so excited to see it~

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