September 27, 2009

Sodagreen band members once cross-dressed on stage

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During a press conference held yesterday for the upcoming F1 Rocks concert (September 24 to 26), band members of Taiwanese independent rock group, Sodagreen, introduced their latest summer album-and revealed some of their crazy secrets.

For their latest summer album, Fever, the band members revealed that it was a crazy feat for them to record the entire album in England. Apart from its upbeat summery rock-and-roll tracks, the versatile Sodagreen hopes to present fans with a different musical side in this album.

In-lieu with their latest album's title, Fever, Sodagreen members were questioned on their craziest act to-date. Ah Fu, Xiao Wei and Jia Kai revealed that they were once onstage cross-dressed as females during a concert in Taipei. The three men went as far as to role-play as each other's "girlfriends".

At their Taipei concert which was attended by their parents, acoustic guitarist Ah Fu recalled that they were cross-dressed as village girls who were harvesting some mushrooms. Sodagreen's keyboardist Ah Gong exclaimed in horror, "And the other party was actually Jia Kai!"

Sodagreen's electric guitarist, Jia Kai revealed that he asked his mother if he preferred the cross-dressed Ah Fu or Xiao Wei. To his surprise, his mother straightforwardly remarked, "Why don't you take them both together! If not, don't bother with any of them!"

Xiao Wei, who appeared visibly enthusiastic throughout the press conference chipped in and explained how difficult it was for them to cross-dress as females. The band's percussionist and drummer continued to share his experience dressing as 'Lola'. Apart from having to bear his shoulders, Xiao Wei had to take two round pepper biscuits to enhance his bust area and provide a more realistic feminine image.

Lead vocalist and songwriter, Tsing-Fong, disclosed that Xiao Wei continued his role-playing the next day even though he was no longer dressed as a male. "He continued to imagine he had long hair and could not stop flipping it!"

The mastermind behind his fellow band member's cross-dressing, Tsing-Fong cheekily remarked, "I am a relatively good boy. I seldom do rebelling things." His attempt to convince the crowd of his goody-two-shoes image evoked much laughter from within, aptly displaying the band's humorous and mischievous side. Xiao Wei couldn't snap out of his cross dressing image and Ching Fung trying to convince everyone that he's a good boy~ hehehee~

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