September 12, 2009

Ming Dao, Sam Wang do not want to renew contracts

Rumors have started that Jungiery Stars will end their contracts. After rumor has it that “Yi Jie/#1 Sister” Joe Chen will end her contract with Jungiery in December, it has also been spread that “Yi Ge/#1 Brother” Ming Dao and 5566 will end their contracts in the end of this year. Yesterday at an event, when asked about continuing his contract, Sam Wang of 5566 expressed: “Right now I’m putting my food business first!”

Besides Joe Chen, Ming Dao and Jungiery’s most beloved 5566 also have contracts that will end soon. Towards rumors that J-stars do not wish to continue their contracts, Jungiery’s boss Sun De Rong strongly emphasized that he renegotiates contracts a month before they end. This contrasts with how other management companies start talks at least a year before the contract expiration date and then give up when the artist does not want to renew. SDR said: “We don’t bully our artists. If we’ve worked with them for more then eight, nine years and they don’t want to stay anymore, that’s fine. This business is just like that, nothing special.”

Sam Wang, who has not concentrated on his entertainment career for some time, said yesterday that now he only receives a few scheduled events each year and now spends his time out of the spotlight. As to whether he will renew his contract, Sam Wang replied: “Right now I’m focusing on my food/drink business. Won’t say anything until the time comes!” The 5566 member who will definitely not leave is Tony Sun because he has regarded Sun De Rong as a father.

Ming Dao, who has earned more than 30,000,000 TWD (900,000 TWD) over the past few years, has also been rumored to not wanting to continue his contract. But because of his loyal personality, he might also want to change the contract’s terms and then renew.

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