September 08, 2009

Linda Chung: Raymond Lam is not stupid, he is smart

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The 21st Cash Song Writers Quest held a press conference yesterday. Singers included Ivana Wong, Sherman Chung, Linda Chung, Stephanie Cheng, Pakho Chow and Pong Nan all attended the event. Linda had composed two of her own songs in her first album and will write her own songs again in her new album. She revealed that she is addicted to writing her own song and she is now a member of "Cash" too.

Talking about Mandy Chung who failed to win the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, described Raymond Lam as stupid and swore at him in her facebook, Linda Chung frowned and said "You shouldn't use bad language in the internet anyway, in fact you shouldn't swear at all. Why did she use such rude words? Why can't she have good manners? Raymond didn't do anything to hurt her." There was reports that because Mandy didn't win, she blamed it on Raymond who is one of TVB's favorite artists. Linda went on to say "That is even worse, anyway she shouldn't swear." Reporter asked if Linda thinks Raymond is stupid? Linda smiled and said "No not stupid, very smart indeed. (You admire him?) Do I sound I admire him?"

Hahaha! It sounds like Linda exploded! Whoaaaaaa.

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