September 05, 2009

Jolin Tsai alleviates pressure by swearing to a wall

original source: Liberty Times
translated by minchong92 @

The always seemingly graceful princess, Jolin Tsai, actually swears madly. Lately during an interview, Jolin expressed that she gets quite stressed due to media reports. When facing this kind of pressure, she faces the wall and constantly swears. Hearing this, the host was very surprised.

When alleviating pressure, frightens off everyone

As a senior idol, any of Jolin's actions will be reported by media, whether on stage or in private. When talking about this kind of life, Jolin said that she has to repress herself. Although she has stayed calm about this matter, she does have times where she has gone crazy. "I hope that the press won't take pics of me, won't write news about me. Just listen to my music and watch me dance."
In order to release all her stress, Jolin said: "I go home and swear in front of the wall." This surprised everyone on set.

Has most chemistry with Show Luo

Jolin once admitted that her other half must look handsome and cute. Among all the handsome guys who have had rumors with her including Show Luo, Wang Lee Hom, Eddie Peng and Stanley Huang, Jolin said that she has the most chemistry with Show. "I often chat with Xiao Zhu. Even though we don't go out often to meet, we meet a lot on shows or at the office. We even are each other's guests at concerts. We can chat really well together, the chemistry is quite good."
Towards the rumor of dating Eddie Peng, Jolin praised him for his ability to make girls happy.

Wang Lee Hom can stare charismatically, "fang dian"/shoot electricity through his eyes

Wang Lee Hom gives Jolin the deepest impression. She laughed: "I feel that he is the kind of guy who can "fang dian" when talking with girls. What's even more outrageous is that he knows he is doing it and he's quite proud at it too. And then later, he acts all innocent and all."

Ooo, so I'm actually not that weird! People do talk to inanimate objects!

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