September 08, 2009

Joe Chen wants to leave? Fans revealed to be petitioning for her to leave Junigery Stars

Source: NowNews, UDN, Apple Daily
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SETTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" celebrated their success in ratings yesterday, after it had 14 consecutive weeks of being top in ratings. At the same time though, on the internet, there's a mail being passed around. Mailer yang2137 pointed out that Joe Chen's fans are displeased with the possibility of her signing on to Jungiery Stars (J-Stars) and have been petitioning for her to leave J-Star, the company that's near closing down.

J-Star's boss Sun De Rong was in Beijing yesterday and after hearing the news, he laughed sarcastically and expressed "If the netizens have so much power, let them come and take over the job of managing Joe's entertainment career! Let them come and be the managers instead!" Sun De Rong said that J-Star's policy is to renew contracts with artistes one month before the contract ends. "We're not like some management companies that begin discussing renewal a year before it ends and freeze you for a year if you decide to leave." Joe's contract with J-Star will end this December so both parties have yet to start discussion.

Yesterday, Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Qiu and Xiu Jie Kai ate abalone porridge to celebrate. Although the scene looked very joyful, Roy and Joe who had rumors earlier tried to keep away from each other when it came to photoshoots. Roy even showed signs of displeasure. Could it be that their friendship has had some changes?


Some part of Apple's news:

Joe Chen ate abalone porridge yesterday to celebrate TTV & SETTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life"'s rating success yesterday. The focus though fell on the rumor of how her and her management company for 8 years, J-Star's contract will end this year. She is displease with the amount of say she has over the work she takes on and there is the possibility of her changing company. As her income last year reached 20million NT, there are near to 10 management companies trying to win her over. Her current manager Sun De Rong has already promised to reduce the percentage that the company will get from her earnings in an attempt to keep her.

Joe Chen starred in "Fated to Love You" as well as many other idol dramas that had good ratings and reputations. She also got nominated for the Golden Bell Award, having an income of 20 million NT last year. After rumors of her contract ending started to spread, near to 10 management companies started to approach her. There are also netizens that don't foresee J-Star having a good future development and wants her to quickly leave. It is also rumored that in the past, she has little say in the work the company takes on and that is causing some amount of displeasure.

Joe has been in J-Star since she was a small fry and slowly rose to a top actress. She has many years of relationship with the company and that is one of the main reason why she might renew her contract. It is rumored though that she's also unhappy with how J-Star is restricted to work under SETTV and when SETTV wants her to take on some work, for the benefit of J-Star as a whole, she will be unable to reject them. For example, for SETTV idol dramas, she actually has no choice over which ones she film and she films an idol drama with them almost every other drama. Even her earlier outdoor, adventure variety show "Treasure Hunter", although it was tiring her out greatly, she still had to bear with it and continue on.

Well, if leaving J-star will open up more doors and windows for her, then I think she should leave. Even a young chick doesn't stay in its mother's nest all his life, in order to soar to greater heights, he'll have to leave the nest and go out on his own. The final choice is in her hands, wish her the best of luck!

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