September 11, 2009

Joe Chen finally speaks out about Roy Qiu : Please give him more space

Source UDN
Translated by Elvenstar @

Yesterday Joe Chen finally spoke out about Roy Qiu “We really are just friends that get along well, please everyone give him some space.” But because this has attracted a lot of attention for the outside world, the two have reduced the time they spend alone, even their love of discussing movies they couldn't even talk about it. Even during filming at the location if they accidentally bump into each other she will jokingly say “Don't get too close or it will be reported again.”

Joe Chen yesterday attended a lingerie event, whether it was questions regarding her love life or her contract she avoided answering the questions. She said she's the type of person “whether talking about breaking up or dating, am a person that needs to think about it for a long time”. So when she said “Him and I are really not dating", in actual fact she is still thinking whether or not to be with him.

After Joe Chen broke up with Michael, they still send SMS to keep in contact, Michael also consoled her “Don't think too much”. The main reason to the break up, apart from not wanting to get married it was also because “ Am a public figure and for him it's really a big burden.” Joe truthfully said towards marriage she does not long for it, apart from receiving the presents/money there isn't any other advantages. Ending the 4 year relationship, there's more good memories than hardship because she has put in her biggest effort.

Another potential friendship ruined by the media, eh. Wah~ Michael and Joe are still in contact with each other. That's very nice of him to console her even though their couple fate has ended.

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