September 11, 2009

Golden Bell Awards Nomination List OUT!

Date: September 11, 2009
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, Liberty Times,
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This year's Golden Bell Awards will be held October 16; TTV will be in charge of producing and broadcasting this year's ceremony. According to media reports, the 行政院新聞局 Government Information Office has released the nomination list for the 2009 Golden Bell Awards a little earlier than usual; a total of 149 different productions have been recognized for a total of 33 awards. This year's surprise ratings hit 痞子英雄/Black and White is up for 11 awards. Other big "winners" (in terms of nominations) include 敗犬女王/Defeated Queen (My Queen) and 光陰的故事/The Story of Time; both are up for a number of awards.

The main nomination list is as follows:

Best Drama:
天平上的馬爾濟斯/Justice For Love (The Maltese On the Scale)
波麗士大人/Police et Vous
HakkaTV Drama: 女仨的婚事/Marriage For Three Women
敗犬女王/Defeated Queen (My Queen)
痞子英雄/Black and White

I've only watched two of the five and based on what I watched I think I will go with Defeated Queen. Nah...Black and White. Umm....Defeated Queen.'s kinda hard to make a decision. Being a judge must be tough.

Best General TV Program:
大愛人物誌/The Biographical Records
中國大體驗/The China Experience
冒險王/King of Adventure (Adventure King)
草地狀元/The Best of the Land
型男大主廚/Manly Chefs

I've only watched some episodes of Manly Chefs so...yea...

Best Variety Show:
全民最大黨/The Biggest (Political) Party
我猜我猜我猜猜猜/Guess Guess Guess
挑戰 101/Challenge 101
超級星光大道/Million Star (The Super Path of Stars)
舞林大道/Let's Dance

None of the variety shows that I watch made it onto this list!

Best Male Lead (Actor in a Drama):
Vic Chou YuMin, 痞子英雄/Black and White
張世 Chang Shi, 天平上的馬爾濟斯/Justice For Love (The Maltese On the Scale)
游安順 You AnShun, 走過好味道/Creating a Beautiful Flavor (大愛 DaAi (Buddhist Station) TV Drama)
Mark Chao YouTing, 痞子英雄/Black and White
Show Lo ZhiXiang, 籃球火/Hot Shot

Mark Chao? His acting was not too shabby for a newcomer but it's not that outstanding either. I don't know why he's on this list. And Show Lo? Don't get me wrong, Show Lo is awesome but his acting is average, really. His singing, dancing, and hosting is far more powerful than his acting. Ethan should be on this listttt!

Best Female Lead (Actress in a Drama):
李康宜 Lee KangYi, 天平上的馬爾濟斯/Justice For Love (The Maltese On the Scale)
Tammy Chen YiRong, 光陰的故事/The Story of Time
傅小芸 Fu XiaoYun, 你是我的唯一/You're My One and Only
Cheryl Yang JinHua, 敗犬女王/Defeated Queen (My Queen)
劉瑞琪 Liu RuiQi, 女仨的婚事/Marriage For Three Women (HakkaTV Drama)

Chen Qiao En is not here.... :(

Best Supporting Male Actor:
Kingone Wang ChuanYi, 痞子英雄/Black and White
陳博正 Chen BoZheng, 你是我的唯一/You're My One and Only
James Wen ShengHao, 敗犬女王/Defeated Queen (My Queen)
樊光耀 Fan GuangYao, 光陰的故事/The Story of Time
檢場 Jian Chang, 台九線上的愛/Love On Route 9 (大愛 DaAi (Buddhist Station) TV Drama)

My vote goes to Kingone! He was extremely creepy as the druggie lord in Black and White! He was so convincing as the druggie lord that he was asked to take a urine test by his officer to see if he took drugs.

Best Supporting Female Actress:
何依霈 He YiPei, 有你真好/It's So Great To Have You (大愛 DaAi (Buddhist Station) TV Drama - Come Home Series)
唐美雲 Tang MeiYun, 娘家/Maiden Home
徐堰玲 Hsu YanLing, 彩色寧靜海/The Beautiful, Tranquil Sea (HakkaTV Drama)
黃嘉千 Huang JiaQian, 光陰的故事/The Story of Time
謝瓊煖 Hsieh QiongXuan, 女仨的婚事/Marriage For Three Women (HakkaTV Drama)

Didn't see any of these...

Best Screenplay (Drama):
波麗士大人/Police et Vous
痞子英雄/Black and White
光陰的故事/The Story of Time
天平上的馬爾濟斯/Justice For Love (The Maltese On the Scale)
HakkaTV Drama: 女仨的婚事/Marriage For Three Women

Best Variety Show Host:
Jacky Wu ZongXian, A-ya, 我猜我猜我猜猜猜/Guess Guess Guess
胡瓜 Hu Gua, 挑戰 101/Challenge 101
郭子乾 Guo ZiQian, 邰智源 Tai ZhiYuan, 九孔 Jiu Kong, 洪都拉斯 HongDuLaSi, 許傑輝 Hsu JieHui, 全民最大黨/The Biggest (Political) Party
Matilda Tao JingYing (Momoco), 超級星光大道/Million Star (The Super Path of Stars)
Harlem Yu ChengQing, 百萬大歌星/Million Dollar Singing Star

Congrats to all the nominees!

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