September 27, 2009

D.I.E Again Words from Beyond

D.I.E Again was awesome even though the cases weren't that awesome. It's the D.I.E team members and the comedy that makes this show so awesome. In D.I.E Again, the team is joined by 3 new members: Lo Sir, Jim Shu Bong, and Pat Pat (<- haha, that's what Jim Su Bong calls her) See D.I.E 1 Post.

Name: Lo You Heng
Nickname: Lo Sir or "Butt itches"(<-haha, it's a play on the dude's name) Specialty: Umm...he's a good golf player? guess he doesn't really have a specialty like the others. Note: At first, he is reluctant to be the head of D.I.E and dislikes all the D.I.E members but later on, he becomes a integral part of D.I.E and even saves them from the hands of the head of another police department. Note 2: He wears a wig. teeheee~

Name: Jim Shu Bong
Nickname: Sci Fi Nerd
Specialty: Technology Whiz
Weirdness: His hair.
Note: His character becomes extremely important towards the end of the series because he built this machine that was able to receive electrical signals from Roger who is stuck between the dead.

Name: Lo Pak Ji
Nickname: Pat Pat
Specialty: She doesn't really have a specialty...
Weirdness: She is the only normal person on the team.
Note: In the beginning of the show, she uses her relationship with Lo Sir to prevent him from making things hard for D.I.E.
Note 2: She is really just an apprentice learning to solve weird cases from a weird team of detectives. =)

I love how D.I.E is so different from the other police departments. There's no such thing as late to work or overtime in this department. Heck, they even BBQ for lunch!!! NO KIDDING! THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WOULD WANT TO WORK AT! Oh~ and if you have a baby, don't bother hiring a babysitter, just bring him to work with you! That's what Madam Ying and Yu Sir did! Hehehe~

D.I.E. Again was very successful as a sequel if you asked me (way wayyy better than BF3). It was like D.I.E. but with another layer of fresh icing. The themesong has the same tune but different lyrics. (I like that) The entire D.I.E team is back but with some new members. (That's great, adds freshness to the show) And there are two new couples(Jim Shu Bong+Pat Pat, Jing Ye+Pui Pui ) along with the two existing ones(Madam Ying + Yue Sir, Pierre + Ms. Paparazzi). And funniest of all, Madam Ying continues to chase after the criminal, Da Hou Ying from the first D.I.E. Hahahahaa~ The cases, however, were not that great. It was kinda easy to predict who the culprit is.


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