September 22, 2009

Charlene Choi promotes drama with Mike He; accidentally says 'undo my bra' instead of 'undo my blindfold'

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) who recently got sick, didn’t have time to rest properly; yesterday she flew to Taiwan to promote her idol drama ‘Calling For Love’ with Mike He for 4 days. Her Mandarin has been gradually improving, but yesterday she caused another big joke, accidentally saying ‘undo my bra’ instead of ‘undo my blindfold’. The quick-thinking Show Luo immediately imitated an undo-ing action, making Charlene so awkward that she forgot everything and chased Show around the studio.

Yesterday, Ah Sa arrived in Taiwan to promote her idol drama ‘Calling For Love’ with Mike He, and the 2 went on Show Luo’s ’100% Entertainment’. This drama will air on the 18th of October. Because Ah Sa previously sparked rumours with Wu Zun after their collaboration, Show yesterday specially asked her who she likes better out of Mike & Wu Zun. Ah Sa didn’t know what to say and shyly replied: “Wu Zun loves to eat, Mike is more rough & manly, Wu Zun’s more refined!” And refused to straightforwardly answer the question.

During the ‘acting test’ segment of the show, in the drama Mike is kidnapped by gangsters and viciously beaten up, and it was Ah Sa who forced herself in to rescue him; hence Show wanted to test their acting. Ah Sa yelled: “Let go of me! Hurry and help me undo my blindfold!” But perhaps it was because she said it too fast, and everyone heard ‘bra’ instead of ‘blindfold’ and the quick-thinking Show immediately did an action of undo-ing a bra, making the audience & staff members burst into laughter. This made Charlene feel so awkward that she chased Show around the studio. what a funny mistake!

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