September 12, 2009

Charlene Choi films taiwanese drama; Angie Chai gives 5-star treatment

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) came to Taiwan to film an idol drama 'Calling Big Star'. Although she doesn't play the big star, outside the drama, she was definitely treated like one. Not only did she stay in the top suite in a 5-star restaurant, costing $15,000NT per night, she was also given her own car, stylist & assistant, letting her experience the total luxury of a big star.

Idol drama 'Calling Big Star' is godmother Angie Chai & Hunan TV's joint collaboration. Currently, they are waiting for the broadcast license from China's SARFT, if everything goes smoothly, the drama is expected to broadcast in October on CTS. The main leads for this drama is Hong Kong star Ah Sa & Mike He, and Ah Sa plays a bubbly female taxi driver. Because she really loved the script, even with an already full work schedule in Hong Kong, she still took time out to come to Taiwan to film, and also use the opportunity to eat her most-loved Taiwanese snacks.

Angie Chai gave Ah Sa a full 5-star treatment, but Ah Sa was fully prepared for 'Calling Big Star's famous evil director Lin He Long. His renowned constant swearing scared Ah Sa so much that she begged Angie in private: "Can you please tell Director Lin that if he wants to curse me, do it in private, otherwise he'll really make me cry!" However, her worries were all for nothing, as Director Lin has always been kind to the female leads, and not once did he curse Ah Sa!

Hahaha~ taxi drivers wear ties?

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