September 22, 2009

Arron Yan goes rock climbing, pretending to be brave despite his fear of heights, Wu Chun stares on helplessly

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

Fahrenheit's fantasy concert has finally returned to Taipei's arena, the hardware specifications will increase, they will use more than 12 groups of raising and lowering mechanisms to allow the 4 members to "fly" across the whole venue. In order to train their courage, yesterday the 4 members went for a rock climbing session, Arron Yan who has severe fear of heights after climbing 3 meters his hand and feet had gone soft and declared that he had gone to his limit

Wu Chun gets called a monkey

It is known that the Taipei arena has a history of having the most concerts that use wire suspensions, Fahrenheit apart from entering the stage in a flying ship they might even appear right beside the fans close enough to touch. Wu Chun said "we will be suspended by wires flying about 2-3 story high singing right in front of the fans", so in order to train their courage they have to do rock climbing.

Wu Chun was the quickest climber, in a flash of an eye he had already reached the 8 meter peak making everyone laugh at him "you really are a monkey, you even like to eat bananas and you climb so fast." Arron Yan after all the trouble was able to overcome his psychological barrier, putting on a brave face. He also described himself as having "paranoia syndrome", always imagining that someone next to him or behind him will push him, if he had the choice of whether to be suspended high up or to be on his own he would feel more at ease on his own.

After the training from the previous 10 shows, all 4 members are fully confident, admitting that they're coordination and their performance attitude is at it's best, Arron said "During this period we have really put in all our efforts, also we have really achieved honor for Taiwan, Fahrenheit have received popular recognition abroad almost like the Korean groups that come over to Taiwan!"

OMG~ Arron jia you!

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