September 18, 2009

Ah Sa and Mike invades Taiwan

Source: CCT
Translation: chinky_angel & edisonLOVEScharlene @

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) sololy enter the Taiwan market with idol drama , it's been schedule to air in October. Recently, CTS release the trailers of the drama, the clips contained multiple kissing scenes of the leading couple, Charlene and Mike. The trailer cause an uproar addiction from the fans, it has only been up for a few days but it already have thousands of hits.

In the drama, Ah Sa and Mike He kissed many times, and since she has started acting, this should be the project that has the most kissing scenes. On the contrary, Mike He, having acted in many Taiwanese dramas, in each drama he will always kiss the female lead. With Hong Kong and Taiwan's two biggest idols together, it is no wonder that the Taiwanese fans are very responsive to the trailer/advertising trailer.

October 18!

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