September 30, 2009

"mainland F4" Yu Haoming to go to the United States

Due to the influential nature of Hunan TV’s “Tian Tian Xiang Shang,” Microsoft has invited Tian Tian Xiang Shang’s production team to visit Microsoft headquarters in Seattle to promote Windows 7.

This time, the seven Tian Tian Xian Shang brothers will be represented by Wang Han, Tian Yuan, Qian Feng and Yu Haoming.

October 1st-4th : TTXS will film in Seattle’s Microsoft Headquarters

October 5th-9th TTXS will fly to New York City to attend an exhibition (展览会)

source: cfensi

OMG! OMG! OMG! Yu Hao Ming is coming to NYC! OK! Time to whip out camera skills and ninja skills and go chasing star time! Wooo! Camera definitely not leaving me that week of October 5-9! OMG! I must find where they are in NYC during that week! And if you know, give me a heads up, please!

Side note: The picture up there ain't that great. I think they look much better in the drama alive. And the second guy from the left, gosh, his hair was so horrible in the drama...

Show Luo's new mushroom hairstyle is on fire; 'Shanghai Sweetheart' confirmed to air in November

Source: Taipei Walker
Translation: Sarah @

Show Luo & Rainie Yang's new idol drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will enter the Sunday night idol drama battle on the 1st of November, replacing CTS drama 'Roseate Love' and battling against SETTV's 'Autumn's Concerto/Next Station, Happiness'. The other idol drama 'Calling For Love' which was originally slated to release in October, has not yet obtained the broadcasting permit, and so has confirmed to delay broadcast. In 'Shanghai Sweetheart', Show's new style has a breakthrough, never been seen before; his mushroom hairstyle is bound to make viewers burst into laughter, and even Rainie was unable to control her laughter and kept having NGs!

'Calling For Love' is a joint collaboration with mainland China, but it still hasn't obtained the broadcasting permit. Because the week commencing 1st of October is the golden week, and everyone will have a 8-9 day holiday, producer Angie Chai was worried that there would be delay in the process of issuing permits, and they might not get the permit before the original airing date - 18th of October. She didn't want to take this big risk, hence the producers have decided to air 'Shanghai Sweetheart' which is still currently filming, first, to save the situation.

In the drama, Show plays a mushroom-head, herbivorous but kind & honest guy called Lin Da Lang. His personality is so innocent that it seems somewhat silly.[Isn't that also the personality of most female roles in idol dramas?] Originally, Angie only planned for Show to have a mushroom hairstyle but during costume-fitting, Show improvised and added bangs at the front, and also discussed with Angie to add big black-rimmed glasses. All this, matched with shorts and long socks produced a surprisingly good result. Hence, Angie immediately agreed to Show's suggestions.

Actually, the reason for Show's character name in the drama being Lin Da Lang is because a few years ago, there was once when Show was chatting to Angie, and the 2 were humming Pink Panther's song 'Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang~'. Both of them thought that it would be very interesting if there was a guy called Da Lang, and so this idea has always remained at the back of Angie's mind. And now, in 'Shanghai Sweetheart', Angie really did make the male lead's character name Da Lang, and his character is also someone who likes Pink Panther [<--KIWI] and loves the colour pink.

Show's performance was very hard-working, but Rainie is also hard-working. When she saw Show's bangs, she couldn't control her laughter and kept having NGs. Even looking at his back would make her laugh, in the end she begged the director: "I'm sorry, give me 10 seconds to let all my laughter out, I really can't control it!"

Hahahahahaaa~ Show must love this role~ he plays similar roles on 100% Entertainment~ Mr. Pig, anyone? The famous Vogue director! HAHAHAA! Oh man, I have to put those clips up. This drama is going to be sooo funnnny!

Charlene Choi's new drama won't be airing; 'Shanghai Sweetheart' rushes to replace

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Idol drama 'Calling For Love' which was originally slated to release on the 18th of October is still unable to get approval from mainland China. Hence, yesterday afternoon, CTS announced that Angie's other drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will be replacing. But many of Charlene's fans are extremely angry, and have started heated debates online.

Charlene Choi & Mike He's drama 'Calling For Love' have already stood up the audience twice, both reasons were because they were unable to get approval from China, and hence still has not yet aired. Yesterday, on the CTS official discussion board, there were many angry fans pointing out that CTS has already aired 2 weeks of 'Calling For Love' previews, and they can't just decide not to air it. There were also fans who wanted the producer to 'toughen up' saying: "Why does China have to decide whether a Taiwanese drama can air or not everytime?!" And Charlene has revealed that recently, she is developing health problems and often faints, and hence wants to take a break for 1 year.

CTS is extremely worried about what's going to happen now. Yesterday, they rushed to hold a conference, and decided to air Show Luo & Rainie's drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart', which is still filming, first. 'Shanghai Sweetheart' only recently went to Hang Zhou to film, and now with this recent decision, they are rushing to film to be in time for airing. 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will follow 'Fairy Tales Under The Star' and then 'Calling For Love' will air after that.

Wow...this really sucks. Because China is taking its time, one drama is put on hold for airing and another is rushing to finish filming. Ya know, they kinda just started filming Shanghai Sweetheart too...what a bad day for taiwan drama addicts.

September 29, 2009

You're Hired Themesong Lyrics

Credit: ex4zngod@youtube

黃子華 - 冇問題 (《絕代商驕》主題曲)


返工返到攰為兩餐晏仔 為著是名利好心急上位
怨氣再多 亦自制
一味諗計將死黨跣低 講真都有幾分心虧
門外有聲 來自我心的魔鬼

工心計 計到盡時抑鬱已上高危
自滿同時自閉 成名但好污穢 逃避害怕的問題
講出嚟 世界上情感都算弔詭 以為贏了一切
至覺得好失禮 多麼巴閉 始終需要安慰

至覺關心關愛 不需經費 幾深幾咁珍貴

Credits: to aZnangel @

September 28, 2009

Be Happy

Maybe you are right now. Drink some and go to And tomorrow will be another day. Don't over and be Yay! Jia You!

Zhang Yun Jing - Unprecendented

credit: e2jiayou@youtube

Introducing Zhang Yun Jing

Name: Zhang Yun Jing 張芸京
Birthname: 張芸菁 (same pronunciation, different spelling)
Nicknames: 阿京 Ah Jing, 京爺 Jing Ye, 小京 Xiao Jing
Birthdate: 9/06/1983 September 6, 1983
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 165 cm / 5ft 4in
Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs
Bloodtype: O
Interests: Trimming fingernails (...)
Personality: Easygoing
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese
Specializes in: Songwriting, Playing Guitar(Acoustic/Electric), Designing, Singing
Past Profession: Graphic Designer

Special Note: Jing Ye participated in the Taiwan reality singing competition, Super Idol and attracted many fans with a unique voice, sunshine smile and eyes, and dressing style. Jing Ye won first place in the competition and released an album early this year. Jing Ye is soo coool and handsomeeee! (Btw, I love the hair!)

credit: minchong92@youtube

Hehehe~ I forgot to mention that Jing Ye is a girl~ did you get tricked too? Hahahaa~ I saw her once on a Taiwan variety show (a couple of months back) and I always thought that she was a guy until two days ago. I discovered "the truth"! Hahahaaa~ all along I thought...-sigh- I got tricked again. heheheheheheee~

All Pictures Credit to AF Gallery

"Summer's Desire" and "Autumn's Concerto" posters clash

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @

GTV's "Summer's Desire" [lit. Summer of Bubbles 泡沫之夏] and SETTV's "Autumn's Concerto" [lit. Next Station, Happiness 下一站,幸福] haven't officially competed onscreen yet but their initial posters have already "clashed". "Summer's Desire"'s poster is divided up into three sections and so is "Autumn's Concerto"'s. Even their basic colour schemes are very similar and both have appeared simultaneously appeared at the Taipei TV Festival. Everyone who has seen the poster are curious, "Who actually copied the other?"

In regards to this coincidence, GTV's public relations chief Cai Fei Qiao admitted, even GTV employees were shocked. She said, "Lots of movie posters are like this because this approach is the clearest and simplest but these posters were made for the Taipei TV Festival. Once the drama airs, the posters won't be the same." SETTV also expressed, this poster is for the Taipei TV Festival to use, the official version is still being fixed up.

"Autumn's Concerto" will start airing soon; "Easy Fortune Happy Life"'s Joe Chen recently had a "change-over" with Ady An. Ady An [jokingly] complained that Joe Chen said she'd visit [Ady] on set but after waiting two months, she still hasn't turned up. Typically in SETTV idol dramas, the guys are handsome and the girls are unsophisticated, both girls grumbled, "Why does the male lead always wear suits while we have to dress up like village aunts?"

HAHAHAHAAA @ the girls' complaint! Maybe directions should switch the roles and have guys in village clothes and the girls in glamorous outfits. Hahaha~ I like the poster for Autumn's Concerto more than Summer's Bubble. I saw a 6 minute trailer for Autumn's Concerto~ so excited to see it~

Linda Chung accidentally rips dress at event, risk of exposure

Sunday September 27, 2009 Hong Kong
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung attended a jewelry show and appeared in a sexy tube dress accompanied by a 33 carat famous brand name necklace. However, when she was walking out, she ripped her dress, almost tripped and fell on the ground. Linda almost embarrassed herself in public. She expressed that at the time she was really scared that her dress may fall off. Backstage, she told her assistant to help her cut out the ripped portion of the dress before appearing on stage again. Linda expressed that she once paid CAD$400 extra to make a custom skirt, but to her surprise it was broken during shipping.

AHHH~ Be careful Linda~

September 27, 2009

D.I.E Again Words from Beyond

D.I.E Again was awesome even though the cases weren't that awesome. It's the D.I.E team members and the comedy that makes this show so awesome. In D.I.E Again, the team is joined by 3 new members: Lo Sir, Jim Shu Bong, and Pat Pat (<- haha, that's what Jim Su Bong calls her) See D.I.E 1 Post.

Name: Lo You Heng
Nickname: Lo Sir or "Butt itches"(<-haha, it's a play on the dude's name) Specialty: Umm...he's a good golf player? guess he doesn't really have a specialty like the others. Note: At first, he is reluctant to be the head of D.I.E and dislikes all the D.I.E members but later on, he becomes a integral part of D.I.E and even saves them from the hands of the head of another police department. Note 2: He wears a wig. teeheee~

Name: Jim Shu Bong
Nickname: Sci Fi Nerd
Specialty: Technology Whiz
Weirdness: His hair.
Note: His character becomes extremely important towards the end of the series because he built this machine that was able to receive electrical signals from Roger who is stuck between the dead.

Name: Lo Pak Ji
Nickname: Pat Pat
Specialty: She doesn't really have a specialty...
Weirdness: She is the only normal person on the team.
Note: In the beginning of the show, she uses her relationship with Lo Sir to prevent him from making things hard for D.I.E.
Note 2: She is really just an apprentice learning to solve weird cases from a weird team of detectives. =)

I love how D.I.E is so different from the other police departments. There's no such thing as late to work or overtime in this department. Heck, they even BBQ for lunch!!! NO KIDDING! THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WOULD WANT TO WORK AT! Oh~ and if you have a baby, don't bother hiring a babysitter, just bring him to work with you! That's what Madam Ying and Yu Sir did! Hehehe~

D.I.E. Again was very successful as a sequel if you asked me (way wayyy better than BF3). It was like D.I.E. but with another layer of fresh icing. The themesong has the same tune but different lyrics. (I like that) The entire D.I.E team is back but with some new members. (That's great, adds freshness to the show) And there are two new couples(Jim Shu Bong+Pat Pat, Jing Ye+Pui Pui ) along with the two existing ones(Madam Ying + Yue Sir, Pierre + Ms. Paparazzi). And funniest of all, Madam Ying continues to chase after the criminal, Da Hou Ying from the first D.I.E. Hahahahaa~ The cases, however, were not that great. It was kinda easy to predict who the culprit is.


Sodagreen band members once cross-dressed on stage

Yahoo! News

During a press conference held yesterday for the upcoming F1 Rocks concert (September 24 to 26), band members of Taiwanese independent rock group, Sodagreen, introduced their latest summer album-and revealed some of their crazy secrets.

For their latest summer album, Fever, the band members revealed that it was a crazy feat for them to record the entire album in England. Apart from its upbeat summery rock-and-roll tracks, the versatile Sodagreen hopes to present fans with a different musical side in this album.

In-lieu with their latest album's title, Fever, Sodagreen members were questioned on their craziest act to-date. Ah Fu, Xiao Wei and Jia Kai revealed that they were once onstage cross-dressed as females during a concert in Taipei. The three men went as far as to role-play as each other's "girlfriends".

At their Taipei concert which was attended by their parents, acoustic guitarist Ah Fu recalled that they were cross-dressed as village girls who were harvesting some mushrooms. Sodagreen's keyboardist Ah Gong exclaimed in horror, "And the other party was actually Jia Kai!"

Sodagreen's electric guitarist, Jia Kai revealed that he asked his mother if he preferred the cross-dressed Ah Fu or Xiao Wei. To his surprise, his mother straightforwardly remarked, "Why don't you take them both together! If not, don't bother with any of them!"

Xiao Wei, who appeared visibly enthusiastic throughout the press conference chipped in and explained how difficult it was for them to cross-dress as females. The band's percussionist and drummer continued to share his experience dressing as 'Lola'. Apart from having to bear his shoulders, Xiao Wei had to take two round pepper biscuits to enhance his bust area and provide a more realistic feminine image.

Lead vocalist and songwriter, Tsing-Fong, disclosed that Xiao Wei continued his role-playing the next day even though he was no longer dressed as a male. "He continued to imagine he had long hair and could not stop flipping it!"

The mastermind behind his fellow band member's cross-dressing, Tsing-Fong cheekily remarked, "I am a relatively good boy. I seldom do rebelling things." His attempt to convince the crowd of his goody-two-shoes image evoked much laughter from within, aptly displaying the band's humorous and mischievous side. Xiao Wei couldn't snap out of his cross dressing image and Ching Fung trying to convince everyone that he's a good boy~ hehehee~

September 26, 2009

Blue Lan Zheng Long rolling down the hillside and smilingly said: Once started, carry on to finish

Translation: Ocean168 @

Blue Lan Zheng Long acted in the idol drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ for the final day final shoot, and rolled down the hillside himself and smilingly said that from immersing in the marsh to rolling down the hillside, he has experienced it himself and this is considered once started, carry on till the end.

Today, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ will air its fascinating finale episode. And Xie Fu An’s love lies with whom? How will the development with Yan Da Feng and Han Dong Jie be? And this is the discussion focus of netizens, Blue Lan said: ‘Majority of the people affirm that this is a HAPPY ENDING, and only to some it may not be.’ And he smilingly said further: ‘Just like the mountain rats, evil people will have retribution.’

In the drama, Xie Fu An (Joe Chen Qiao En) was seized by the mountain rats, Yan Da Feng (Blue Lan Zheng Long) in rescuing her, in the end while grappling was pushed down the cliff by the mountain rats…

To film this scene, the filming crew went to the mountain area of the northern part for two days. As the mountain side was very steep, and for safety reasons, the filming crew uses an extra to represent Blue Lan while rolling down the hill, however after trying for a few rounds, the results was not ideal, and the ‘extra’ keep having NG, it was either he fell in the wrong side, or fell too far away, and Blue Lan having seen the situation, without saying another word, locate a hillside and volunteered to roll down the hillside himself, and the filming crew had a fright with his gesture.

Blue Lan Zheng Long said as an actor, you have to carry out the beginning as well as the finishing. Even it is the final day, you have to perform your job well.

After completing filming of the drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Blue Lan Zheng Long, Joe Chen Qiao En and Qiu Zie's journeys are fulfilled, whether dramas or advertisements are coming their way constantly; Blue Lan Zheng Long will be going to film a Hunan TV new drama called: 「絲絲心動」 in October and currently besides shooting commercials, and keeping his family accompanied, he will find time to purchase necessary things for a long journey. Joe Chen Qiao En will be filming a new drama called: 「佳期如夢」 in October, Qiu Zie is now filming 「聊齋 3」for one month.

Awesome~ this last episode seems very exciting. I shall be looking forward to see the "Lonely King" roll down a hill!

September 25, 2009

Sodagreen - Xiao Qing Ge 小情歌

Credit: loner1 Sodagreen~ when I first heard this, I thought the singer was a girl. I got tricked! This guy's voice is sooo soft and high. Ahh~ this song is so nice! I think it's best if you don't look at the mv and just listen to the music because you'll probably get confuzzled when you hear a girly voice and see a guy singer and not pay 100% attention to the music.

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" filming ends, Joe Chen and Roy Chiu flies to China

Roy Chiu (left) did not win Joe Chen in the series, but it might not be so in real life.

Source :
Translated by karened @

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" is ending its run but it seems unlikely that the relationship between Roy Chiu and Joe Chen will end with the series. Filming for the series ended yesterday and Roy Chiu is heading for Hengdian today for the filming of Mainland series "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 3". Following that, Joe Chen will go to Shanghai or Chong Qing to film a mainland series "Jia Qi Ru Meng".

"Autumn's Concerto", starring Ady An and Vanness Wu, will start airing on 4th October and "Easy Fortune Happy Life" has already ended filming. Following the typical story ending, female lead Joe Chen ended up with Blue Lan. As for Roy Chiu, who has always been there for her by her side, although he lost in the series, he won the lady's heart outside the series.

However, Joe Chan once said that she was the kind of person who will have to think through long and hard regardless of it being a (decision to) get together or break up. It took her n times to truly break up with her caucasian boyfriend Michael. Although she quite get along quite well with Roy Chiu, there was still a lot of tests to overcome. Previously, there was a scene in "Easy Fortune Happy Life" where Roy Chiu had to piggyback Joe Chen, who was blabbering under the influence of alcohol. She was talking and crying at the same time. Roy Chiu hooked her legs to prevent her from slipping downwards and hurting herself. In the end, there was a red mark on his neck (from the pressure of her arms) and he nearly couldn't breathe.

Joe Chen kept apologising, "My hand just kept pressing at his neck, I'm really sorry." Roy Chiu, who carried the heavy chested girl, didn't feel that it was heavy at all. Instead, he said, "She is actually quite light." Today, he will depart for Hengdian to film "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 3". What's coincidental is that his ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang has also acted in a chapter of "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 1".

OMG~ QE's next drama is confirmed to be
Jia Qi Ru Meng! Hmm, I wonder if this is a costume drama or a modern drama. I hope it's costume!!!!! Go Qiao En! Wheeeee! Btw, EFHL episode 17 is coming out this Sunday! Don't forget to tune in and watch!!!

Only in math...

It's only in math class where apples can turn into oranges and ice cream cones turn into cd discs. My professor was trying to get us to see a 3-d object in the fourth dimension. (Time is not the fourth dimension in math.) He started off by drawing an ice cream cone, and sliced it and turned it into a donut, and then he sliced that and turned it into a disc. Let's just say that by the end of class, I was and