August 09, 2009

The Worst Episode With The Best Scene Part 2

Here is the kiwi fight where things got a little silly. Dong Jie and Fu An are on a date when they are called up on stage to play a couple game. So that's all cool and stuff. The silly part came when Da Feng went to dress up as a kiwi and attacked Dong Jie onstage and a few minutes later, Jiao Ge joins 'em onstage in his kiwi costume. Da Feng attacking Dong Jie is reasonable since he's extremely jealous at this point and boy, does jealousy cloud his mind. But Jiao Ge attacking Dong Jie is rather stupid on his part. Jiao Ge was hired to get rid of Dong Jie and if this is his way of doing it...-sigh- why are villians in Taiwan idol dramas so brainless?

I'm just going to skip to the best scene in the whole series so far. I'm sure there will be some more good scenes in the coming few episodes. -wink- I thought this particular scene was awfully cool. In his unconsciousness, the man comes face to face with a reality that he has been hiding from. In this realm, his lies are all exposed and his true nature comes to light. The spreading of his black wings was soooo coooolll! I think it made him look more handsome! Hahahaa! Who can save this man's dark soul? Of course, it's Fu An. And this is the one of the few moments where I'm sure that Da Feng loves Fu An and not the 800 billion inheritance.


  1. Ah~ an original post =]

    "why are villians in Taiwan idol dramas so brainless?" because it makes the show more funny xD

  2. Ahhhh~ this post took soooo longgg to write!

    Hahahaaa~ these villians always remind me of Team Rocket!