August 08, 2009

The Worst Episode With The Best Scene Part 1

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 9 created some very intense heat among viewers. It was the best episode, it was the worst episode. To me, episode 9 was the worst episode with the best scene. Every scene except for two in this episode is F.A.I.L.

In the first scene, Da Feng (Blue Lan) brings Fu An (Chen Qiao En) to look for Tung Flowers to get its blessings. Unfortunately, the Tung Flower season is over, but Da Feng is not discouraged and manages to spot the last Tung Flower resting high up on a tree branch. He takes a ladder, climbs the tree, plucks the last Tung Flower, falls down from the tree, and then gets scolded by some random overreacting people.

1) what the hell is that ladder doing in the middle of field. It's so random. I see like some cleanup crew in the background but they're just cleaning the field, what do they need the ladder for?

2) The man just fell down from a tree and then is scolded by random people for plucking the last flower. It's only a flower, people! Plus, it looks fake anyway. These people not only yell at him for plucking the flower, they also "advised" Fu An to stay away from him. Like HUH, he only plucked a flower, and he's being called an unfaithful bum. And dude, he just fell from a tree! Nobody seems to care that he fell from a tree.

3) And Fu An! What happen to her in this scene! Just a moment ago, she was cheering him on, while he was reaching for the last flower. And now when he is being scolded by these random people, she joins in and chides him, telling him that what he did was embarrassing. That was totally not the reaction I expected from Fu An!

The scene with Pi Dan and Zhen Zhen is just so wrong. One's a teacher, and the other is a student. I have enough reading about teacher misconduct in the newspaper, I don't think I need to see that on tv too. There is nothing wrong about liking a teacher, but this scene is just so wrong. If Ms. Zhen Zhen would like to seduce someone, please find someone your own size.

Ah~ my suggestion has been taken! Ms. Zhen Zhen goes after Yang Yang in the next scene. This scene is one of the good enjoyable scene in this episode. Ms. Zhen Zhen uses her secret weapon to test whether Yang Yang is gay or not. The end result is that her test is unreliable and unaccurate. She mistakens Yang Yang to be gay until he clarifies it for her. She then makes up a story about loving Yang Yang to the point where if she can't have him, then she rather see him as a "sister" than see him with another woman in his arms. Of course, she will pay a price for her lies. Yang Yang "accepts" her story and agrees to be her boyfriend. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. That's exactly what he's doing.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha... oh man this episode..... You know, I find that Taiwanese dramas are not serious at all -.-; like they try to be sometimes, but then everything else in the storyline is so ridiculous, it just negates the serious aspects of it.