August 05, 2009

Promote "Easy Fortune Happy Life", Chen Qiao En is sick of acting as "ordinary sparrow"

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Taiwan's actress idol drama "first sister" Chen Qiao En's latest drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" is very popular and leads the ratings with initial ratings of 3.99. Last week she went to Guangzhou to promote a brand of drink and accepted our interview. This "Cinderella spokeswoman" jokes that her character Fu An continues the sparrow character that audience likes.

Taiwanese audience likes me as a sparrow

Chen Qiao En said: "This time I portrayed Fu An as a kind girl. She will use very simple mindset to view complicated matters." Even though she is Taiwanese idol drama "first sister" and the ratings for "Easy Fortune Happy Life" is high, Chen Qiao En said that she is sick of acting as "little sparrow": "Female leads of idol dramas are often of these type. A little idiotic, cute and stubborn. Taiwanese audience likes to see me like this but from the sparrow of "Prince Turned to Frog" to "sticky note girl", sometimes I feel very tired. I am an actress, I don't want to act the same type of character all the time!"

Vow to branch into movies

Chen Qiao En vowed that "Easy Fortune Happy Life" will be her last sparrow character. She said that she hopes for a script that is interesting: "I want to act a role that is older, with experience and not so cartoonish. I want to act in movies, regardless of small or big productions. I hope to act with actors that are really good, like Ge You and Sun Hong Lei etc".

Chen Qiao En reveals that she once met the charismatic big brother Sun Hong Lei. "I complained to him that I really hope to act in movies but brother Sun advised me: "Sister, acting in television is a great occupation. When millions of people have accepted you, then you can branch into movies."

Yes! Very happy to hear that EFHL will be her last sparrow role. After watching five of her dramas, in which all her characters had pretty much the same characteristics, I'm bummed out. I like watching her act, but seeing her in the same role over and over again is tiring. An actress can only do so much to bring an role to life. Even though, QE is able to bring every character she plays to life, there's always like a barrier that prevents the character to become 3-D. And that is because of the storyline which usually lacks deep character development. The sparrow girl's only flaw is her over-the-top kindness.

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