August 29, 2009

Love Buffet stops filming, $2 Million NT lost to the flood

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

The 88 flood affects the entertainment world, Calvin Chen, Joanne Tseng and Arron Yan were due to star in GTV drama "Love Buffet", a part of the filming was meant to take place in Maolin National Park, but because of the 88 disaster flood it inflicted serious damage, they had no choice but to stop filming and look for a different location. The schedules of the actors have had to be rearranged, the producer Wang Xin Gui said they have lost at least $2 Million NT!

Arron Yan has bad luck with both dramas

"Love Buffet" on the 5th August had originally meant to go to Maolin National's scenic district to film a camping scene, but because of the 88 disaster flood the appearance of Maolin has changed, so the drama crew had no choice but to change the location. Having to re-write the script and on top of that new expenditures, it is calculated that in total they have made a loss of $2 million NT.

Arron Yan filming dramas have had full of misfortune, last year he was meant to take on the main character in "Tao Hua Xiao Mei" but rumours were that there was a disagreement with Gui Gui so the filming stopped. This year starring in "Love Parfait" he was met with the flood disaster, but he can see through it because during the period where he will stop filming he will prepare for Fahrenheit's concert in October.

The disaster and the epidemic situation both have big effects

Because of the flood and the influenza epidemic they have had to stop filming, not only "Love Buffet", but also FTV "New recruits diary" which succeeded to have a break out of influenza so had to postpone. Francesca Kao shooting an experimental short video "Calling" because the scene at Alishan had sunken into the disaster area it had to stop shooting, and the most recent was "Cape No.7" director Wei De Sheng, his new film " Seediq Bale" were all scenes shot in the disaster areas which has resulted in a loss of over $100 Million NT.

I'm just glad that it's not cancelled like Momo Love.

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