August 19, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan Zheng Long wishes Taiwan Easy Fortune Happy Life.

Source: Mingpao
Translation: Ocean168 @

Natural disaster caused the whole village to be submerged, and suddenly lots of people became homeless, isolated and lost their families and relatives, and they chided oneself for not expressing their love to their family members. Taiwan’s 8.8 disaster experience, let one understands that the most important thing in life is that peace is a blessing. And Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan Zheng Long join hands to wish everyone, gaining peace and health [福氣又安康].

Taiwan Idol Drama First Sister Chen Qiao En after acting in dramas ‘Frog turn Prince’, ’Fated to Love you’, challenged for ratings and this time she partners with Blue Lan Zheng Long, and will her position as No. 1 Sister be shaken? After airing for 10 weeks, the viewership results of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ are still at the top. And on average the drama achieved 4% in ratings. This proves that Chen Qiao En is still the ratings antidote, And she thanked the audience for watching the drama every week, and this time the viewership results were very good. And recently she heard a lot on disaster happenings, and do not feel good. To her, the audience are like one family, if they are painful, how could we be happy then? She sincerely hope that God will bless Taiwan and God will bless everyone, and hope that one and all live simply but in peace, because safety and peace is wealth, we really need ‘Fu Qi You An Kang’.

This is the first time, Chen Qiao En partner with Lan Zheng Long, and initially they could not see eye to eye in the drama, Chen Qiao En felt that their relationship is more of enemies than lovers and she said: ‘When I read the script at first, it was hard to convince myself to love an evil guy? And even the screenplay arranged for our first kiss to be in the mud, and is a mistaken kiss, not romantic but painful. But felt better later on.’

Blue Lan laughingly complained: ‘Kissing with Chen Qiao En was really painful, and before that there were comments that Chen Qiao En is generous to Ethan Ruan, and their intimate scenes are very loose, Chen Qiao En has no restrictions, and I could not believe it, but it is true.’ Chen Qiao En rebutted: ‘Who said so? I do not see who the person is! I see the requirements of the script. And the contents of ‘Fated to Love You’ and this drama differs! In the drama, I quarrelled with you more than eating, so how to be intimate? And no matter how experienced the girl is, when coming to filming such scenes, will still feel awkward.’ And both Joe Chen and Blue Lan most passionate scene was when Chen Qiao En wore a sexy nightgown to express her love to Blue Lan, then both of them hug and kiss passionately on bed. Chen Qiao En expressed this scene is her utmost scale and she said that after having a century kiss with Ethan Ruan, she wants fixed point in filming kissing scenes, and do not want to have too much action with the partner, because she does not wish to become an actress not suitable for children.

And Chen Qiao En ever had kissing scenes with Ming Dao, Ethan Ruan and Blue Lan, and who is most suitable to be a good lover? Joe laughingly said: ‘It is very difficult to reply! Maybe I could describe my feelings for them. For Ming Dao, we have the chemistry and after a gaze, we will know how to react. And we are friends who can talk about anything, from discussing about drama to life. He likes to watch movies and if you feel bored and want someone to accompany, he will be a good companion.’

Chen Qiao En described that when she is with Ethan Ruan, he is the most noisy one: ‘He likes to bicker with me, he knows how to sweet talk to me at the appropriate time and I am happy to see him.’ What about Blue Lan? She said: ‘He looks self-centered, but actually he is very caring and attentive to others, I really hope that he will be able to find a good female companion, and he will be happier, then he will not mutter when we are working together.’

Chen Qiao En normally bring prosperity to husbands in her dramas, and those partners who acted with her will become famous, and do not know in real life when will she find her other half and bring prosperity to him?

Hahahahaaaa! "...then he will not mutter when we are working together" In the early episodes, Blue would mutter that acting with QE is tough because he is always stuck in those bad situations such as falling into sinking mud, getting hit by kids, climbing trees, etc. Hahaha!

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