August 27, 2009

Hi, We Just Reached 30

January 6

Bernice Liu. The first time I saw her was in Virtues of Harmony where she took on the role of the playful princess. Although she had an accent, her performance was still enjoyable and refreshing. Out of all her series, I like her role in "Into Thin Air" the most! She has great chemistry with Kenneth. Hope to see them pair up again in the future!!!

January 18

Beards make people look old. Mr. Jay Chow. He's probably the first person that comes to mind when the words "Chinese Music" come up. And he's 30, that's believable.

April 4

Chen Qiao En. =) Need I say more? Love her acting, love her crying scenes, love her writing, proud to be a fan. =) Favorite roles are Chen Xin Yi from Fated To Love You and Xia Tian from Ying Ye 3 Jia 1. Hope she'll be able to accomplish her goal of breaking into the silver screen.

July 30

Mr. Pig! He's one of the funniest host I've ever encountered on TV. His silly gestures, his witty comments, his not-so-good English, his random entrances as Mr. Pig, his imitations of others, his over-the-top enthusiasm, and the list goes on. And despite reaching his 30, he doesn't act 30 at all! He's 20 at heart! -wink wink-

August 30

Tavia Yeung. Outstanding performance in Moonlight Resonance! Especially the scene where she hid in the telephone booth and broke down in tears while watching her family frantically search for her. That scene completely depleted my monthly supply of tissue.

September 2

Ron Ng. Besides his hair, he hasn't change much in terms of appearance. I really like his hair in the second picture though, it looks cool! Hahahaa! His acting, on the other hand, is ok. I like Ron in "Men in Pain" the most, even though his hair wasn't that great in that show. I still can't believe he's 30, he looks at most 25 ~ 27ish.

October 10

Wu Chun. Taiwan's Food King. Known for his incredible ability to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and not becoming obese from eating so much. Seriously, he should host a food show and bring viewers to different places to try out different food. Warning from Arron: Never NEVER steal his food! He'll turn into the HULK!

November 6

Myolie Wu. I shall stop right here. I'm afraid if I go any further, I'll end up bashing her.

December 8

Raymond Lam. Looks, money, talent, education, he's got them all. These last few years has been a huge breakthrough for him. Not only did he participate in two successful grand production, Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance, he also broke into the music industry, released three albums, and held a concert at the famous HK Coliseum. All done in just two years!

So, what's it like to turn 30?

Credit: Pics @ AF Gallery
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  1. Actually Raymond released 3 albums :)

  2. Oh my bad! I forgot to count his latest one. I've changed it! Thanks for the heads up, Jenny!