August 24, 2009

Fahrenheit: We suit the young and old; we don't try to be F4, nor are we Mayday

Source: Sina
Translated by catalie @

In the past year, the four guys of Fahrenheit have reached the peak of their careers. On September 5, they will be holding their "Fahrenheit Fantasy 2009 Concert" at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, the 9th stop of their first world tour. Yesterday Fahrenheit came to Nanjing to promote the event and before that, they gave an exclusive live interview. Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen revealed their "literary & martial arts, suited to both young and old" charm.

Jiro Wang celebrates his "19th" birthday in advance

Today is Jiro Wang's 28th birthday and yesterday he dressed especially "formal". While he was preparing for the live interview, he even exchanged shirts with Calvin, "You should wear the one I mentioned", "That one's a bit big, think one still seems to suit you better". During the news conference afterwards, the host even specially prepared a cake and the four of them sang "Happy Birthday" together, later joking, "Putting one candle is enough, it's his 19th birthday", "He's only eighteen". Jiro made three wishes, "The first two I can say out loud. First, because Taiwan has been struck by natural disaster, I hope friends from around the world can be very safe, very merry and be happy everyday. My second wish, I hope our Nanjing concert will be very very very successful." Since Chun is the "king of big appetite", once the news conference concluded, a few people still joked about him, "Help me take some cake home", "Leave some for Wu Chun".

"We are the robust, healthy Fahrenheit"

"Actually, we have quite a lot of confidence. The performances and rehearsals for the past 8 concerts have been improving each time. By now, we have even more tacit understanding. Nanjing is our first concert in half a year, the last one was in April in Shanghai. Apparently the stage of the Sports Center is in a 工 shape so we'll be even closer to everyone. Furthermore, in order to see the audience down below, you never know, we might fly down there from the stage." However, when "flying" is mentioned, fans are reminded of Wu Chun's previous arm and leg injuries. At the Shanghai concert, he practically had to appear on stage in a wheelchair while Arron's right knee injury from last year has also resurfaced. Wu Chun expressed, " My arm and leg injuries are all healed. Right now we are the healthy beautiful Fahrenheit. Due to Wu Chun's influence as a past gym trainer, many people are now paying lots of attention to working out.

"We are the Fahrenheit with literary and martial arts abilities"

Previously, Fahrenheit covered the song 雙截棍 Shuang Jie Gun (Nunchaku) at a few of their concerts which became popular with fans. A reader asked online whether they will once again show their talents at the Nanjing concert and Jiro replied, "This is one of the highs of the concert. Especially since the dancing part is more traditional, we will definitely perform it. At the time, we didn't have much time to prepare it for the first concert. After acting in dramas, we pretty much had no sleep, spending most of our time practising with Nunchakus and swords." Calvin also added, "There will definitely be sword and nunchaku performances to let everyone know that Fahrenheit has literary and martial arts talents. When we were practising with nunchakus at the time, we almost hit each other's eyes because all four of us stood in a line and everyone used too much strength, not able to control it. The performances were also quite dangerous because the sword would snap several times maybe because it would get caught or we would accidentally drop it." Jiro Wang immediately said to our screen, "We have practised professionally, everyone please don't imitate at all costs."

"We are the Fahrenheit suited to both young and old"

Including the netizens who were online yesterday [for the live interview], most of Fahrenheit's fans are young people. However, Jiro Wang proudly corrected that Fahrenheit is "suited to young and old", "The youngest about 5 while the oldest about 85 years old". It turns out the 85-year-old grandmother fan they mentioned, loves Wu Chun best. "When we hold autograph sessions in Taiwan, she will come. Perhaps she treats us like her grandchildren. She is a grandmother and will collect newspaper articles to show us." Calvin said, "She is very cute. We will let her on stage first because it is exhausting for her, she also cheers us on. We all call her Nai Nai (grandmother)." Then what's the story behind the young 5-year-old fan? "Actually, there are even younger ones, 2-3 year olds also. They will come with their mother to each autograph session is very warm, cheerful and touching."

"We don't try to be F4, nor are we Mayday"

"When you first formed, did you intend to become F4 or Mayday?" A reader asked this type of question: did you intend to be an all-rounded idol group or purely a music group? Arron replied, "Actually, we didn't think about becoming anything. We only wanted to do what we could, as best we could. Furthermore, we each have our own different specialties and interests and thus will strive towards developing these. For example, Chun likes to act in films, Da Dong likes rock music. The four of us don't intend to be any particular defined group." Calvin continued, "Actually, all artists in Asia need to work together more. For example, there are lots of people who have gone to act in Hollywood which is a really good phenomenon. Slowly, the Asian market will gain affirmation. Right now, we need to work together and combine our strengths." Then do the four of you also set Hollywood as a goal. Jiro replied jokingly, "To have a holiday there." Arron added, "We'll have a look around then leave."

Nanjing's Stinky Tofu... steamed or fried?

Originally Fahrenheit was also invited to last month's All-Star Concert but in the end, they couldn't go. Some said it was because "Fahrenheit and S.H.E can't be on the same stage" while some even referred to the the two groups as "you can't compare the present to the past". To this, Chun laughed and replies, "We were still on the same stage at the event two days before." Calvin also expressed, "Right now, we're too busy, it's very difficult for the four of us to appear together. Speaking of which, our first stage debut was in Shenzhen at our seniors S.H.E's concert. At the time, there were 30,000 people and we were really nervous. Luckily they helped and looked after us." Working together many times including in dramas, MVs and concerts, they have learnt from S.H.E that on the contrary, the most important thing is "play". "They are very cheerful. While singing and acting, they are practically just playing around, not nervous at all. However, they are also very professional and focused." They couldn't come to Nanjing last time but this time, all their wishes have been granted, "Three years ago we came to promote our album in Nanjing but after that, we haven't been here." Very busy this time, they haven't had a chance to eat Nanjing's snacks. Calvin very enthusiastically asked, "Fans can recommend for us, I've heard 鹽水鴨 (Salty Water Duck) and also Stinky Tofu. Oh yeah, how is Nanjing Stinky Tofu made, steamed or fried?"

Requests fans "Don't chase cars and give gifts"

Yesterday, Fahrenheit was half an hour late to this interview, "Nanjing fans are too enthusiastic, at the carpark we almost couldn't get out." They specially expressed their thanks to fans through Sina, "This time coming to Mainland China, we are quite touched. Taiwan has been struck by natural disaster but fans have collectively made donations rather than give us gifts." Previously, Fahrenheit would receive many gifts of all shapes and sizes making them feel a little regretful, "Actually, we see your sincerity but it doesn't necessarily have to be expressed through gifts. Going to a different city each day like this, our progress will be affected if we have to carry so many packages big and small. Everyone can save some money to do some compassionate things, making a little card or something for us by yourself is already enough, no need to need lots of money... sometimes this becomes a hassle towards those at the airport. We're worried that people will think 'How can Fahrenheit be like this, affecting other people making their way on or off planes.' This really isn't very good." Also, they are most worried about cases such as in Singapore when fans crazily chased cars. Calvin expressed, "Actually, we have already appealed many times, but there are people who really do this. You know where our activities/events are, just wait for us at the location."
Happy 19th Birthday Jiroooooo!!!!! Soooo Youngggg! Hahahaaa~

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