August 20, 2009

CTV and SETTV's Charity TV Events raise more than 500 million TWD

original source: UDN Entertainment
translated by minchong92 @

When disaster strikes, help comes. Last night, a total of 500 million TWD was donated to the two charity TV events. This showed the power of Taiwan's people uniting together. However, for the charity events themed to the name of "love", there was still competition on which channel could donate the most to show who was better. Both sides persistently went to "grab" artists, to go all out with the numbers.

CTV's charity event was produced by Wang Jun a.k.a "Variety Show Tank". He got the first lady, Zhou Mei Qing and then Andy Lau. After that, he reached Jet Li. Then he asked his friends to call Lin Qing Hsia.

Wang Jun said yesterday that Andy Lau accepted the invitation to come immediately. Lau also expressed that he would bring even more artists along including Leon Lai, Richie Ren, and Andy Hui. Yesterday Lau said that the HK entertainment circle was already preparing for an event to help the victims in Taiwan. That time is set for August 17. And Lau lamented that lately most of the disasters these years have been affecting Chinese people: "Who would think that in just two days, a whole year of rain would come? Disasters cannot be predicted. If you have money, give money. If you have the ability, use it."
The four kings donated 8 million TWD. Shu Qi also participated in the relief funds, donating 1 million TWD. She and Leon Lai have broken up for many years. But for the cause, the two unexpectedly showed up on the same event.

Jet Li immediately agreed, coming to the set early yesterday. He only wanted to lend a hand, trying to persuade the staff saying: "I don't want to go on stage. I want to answer the phones."
He did not want to waste a second. After changing t-shirts coming down on the elevator, he sat among a crowd of Red Cross workers answering telephones.

But everyone wanted the big names. The people Wang Jun invited were also sought by SETTV. It was even rumored that the two sides would divide Andy Lau and Jet Li to one side. CTV invited Fei Ge, Xiao Yan Jie, Gua Ge and Chen Chun Hua as the four main hosts. Besides the fact that all famous entertainers young and old came to the events, many mainland China networks such as Phoenix Satellite Television and Hunan TV donated large amounts of money. Zhang Guo Li (Chinese actor/director) also traveled to Taiwan to comfort victims. SETTV used idols to win by inviting Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu, Aska Yang etc.

Wang Jun said yesterday: “Grabbing people is no matter. Organizing a event to help the victims is a must. But truthfully, there is no need to let the artists become so tired [to go from one set to another]. Networks should put aside differences and collaborate together. This would be more complete and the event would be much bigger. It would raise more money, wouldn’t that be better?”

Wa ka! That's a lot of money! Hope it'll help the victims of the typhoon get back on their feet ASAP.

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