August 01, 2009

Couple Ji in Guangzhou

Credit: ballchan2002@youtube

Hahahahaaa! Mr. Ji and Mrs. Ji!!! They're so funny! In the beginning, Xiao Tian pretends to be a reporter and asks QE about her thoughts on FTLY airing in Guangzhou. And while she gives or rather starts to give her answer, he switches from reporter mode to QE fan mode and screams, "Ahh~ Qiao En!" And QE smacks his hat in return. Hahahahaa!

During their resting time, Xiao Tian and QE exchange fists! Just kidding. Xiao Tian is teaching QE some kung fu techniques because he's currently filming a triad movie and is learning how to fight like a triad. Haha~

Ji Shi Jiang~
Ji Tai Tai~

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