August 22, 2009

Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong 'smothers' each other during "You're Hired" filming

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong 'smothers' each other during "You're Hired" filming

Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong collaborating in "You're Hired" together is a mismatched. During filming, they would often both challenge each other. almost constantly in that mind state 24 hours a day. This made Charmaine really tired, yet very happy. She said that Dayo is a fast paced person, her reactions cannot be slow. During filming, both of them really were bickering against each other. There were three scenes where Charmaine especially promoted for, which involved the two of them "smothering" each other, the audience must pay attention to it.

"There was one scene where Miu Miu (Charmaine) knew that Ah Song (Dayo) had a secret, she rushed back to the noodle shop to tell Mo Leen (Theresa Lee) about it, but Ah Song came intercepting. When we shot that scene, Dayo suddenly fell to the ground begging me, at the time I went numb and thought to myself 'oh my god you're using this trick!'. The scene was accomplished in one take."

"I also gave a 'surprise' to Dayo. Ah Song's appearance is very lazy, so I'm always smacking him. There was one time where we were sitting, he was being lazy again, so I could not help but take the toothpicks to whack him on the head. He was not able to dodge me fast enough, so he got a head shot. Afterwards, I told Dayo that I really wanted to beat him up."

"Dayo caused me to NG 20+ times, which that broke my record. Miu Miu and Ah Song were dating, but the shameless Ah Song was unwilling to pour out his deep feelings, so he was forced to talk about the 'deep feelings'. Turns out that the 'deep feelings' Ah Song wanted to pour out was about eating breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea..... this made Miu Miu very angry. During filming, Dayo and I could not hold in our laughter because it was just too silly!"

This is the show that is pulling me away from Taiwan and pushing me towards TVB again! It's very educational, very funny, and very perfect for people who are looking to major in business or run their business. I don't know why the article calls Dayo and Charm a mismatch though. I love it when these two bicker onscreen, very witty and funny! Comedy is the remedy for a happy famileeeeeee!

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