August 01, 2009

Blue Lan Zheng Long pluck flowers to present to beauty, backside ‘open flowers’, act cool in climbing trees and torn pants in front of everyone


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Known as ‘Ladies’ Killer /Heartthrob’ ‘ Lan Zheng Long in the filming of TTV and Sanlih ‘Easy Fortune Life' became the agile monkey, climbed 6 metres high to pluck the Tung Flowers. Climbing half way, the sound of ‘breaking’ could be heard and the pants burst. And the filming crew and Chen Qiao En kept laughing and he became very embarrassed the whole day.

Fell while climbing trees during childhood days and his jaw need to stitch up

In the drama, Blue Lan acted as Yan Da Feng, and because of the curse of the Tung Flowers, and all things turn unpleasant, so he brought Xie Fu An acted by Chen Qiao En to the Tung Flowers forest to pluck the final flower, and hope to receive blessings. While climbing, he lost his steps and fell off. Lan Zheng Long said that during his younger days, he often climb trees with his playmates and there was once he accidentally fell off and his jaw need to be sewed up and he received 3 stitches. And this time, the production team wants him to climb on the tree and to fall down, it is like rekindling his childhood bad dream.

Filming Crew sew his pants

The funny part is that Lan Zheng Long has a wooden ladder aiding him, and he climbed 6 metres up the tree to pluck the Tung Flowers, and his action creates a great impact and the pants torn. And the crew immediately sew back the hole, and Blue Lan said it was very shameful.
And when the pants was sewn, he still needs to climb again , and Blue was very uptight and said the weather was very hot and keep perspiring, and he is afraid the pants will tear again, it was rather nervous.

Open up his childhood Dream

Lan Zheng Long said that in filming the drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, he accidentally fulfilled his childhood dreams. Besides tree climbing, he and Chen Qiao En went to shop in the Toys arenas, and also played baseball with the children, and also disguised as kiwifruit and quot and as a prim and proper person, he has not experienced these before, and as his popularity is rising rapidly, and with the telecast of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, he has accepted 3 advertisements and his earnings purse is full.

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