August 18, 2009

Asian stars rally together for a good cause

Source : YahooSingapore,, AF News

The onset of Typhoon Morakot has brought nothing but widespread devastation to the Taiwanese citizens. The country is currently experiencing its worst floods in 50 years, with more than a hundred deaths and massive economic blows to the Taiwanese market. Over 200 celebrities from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore showed their support and rallied together a few nights ago for a televised fundraiser. Singaporean singer JJ Lin also donated S$40,000 to the cause as he shared, "I always have long-term stays in Taiwan. Taiwan is also considered my second home."

Other celebrities like Hong Kong's Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Shu Qi, and Richie Ren also flew down and rendered support to help raise funds for this catastrophe. Renowned actor cum director Jet Li, also made plans to personally visit the various disaster areas and donated S$60,000 from his charity One Foundation to the Taiwan Red Cross foundation. Although many were unable to attend the televised fundraiser, they continued to show their support and love for Taiwan as celebrities like Jackie Chan and Lin Ching Hsia phoned-in and rallied for more donations to be made.

Taiwanese stars like Wang Lee Hom, David Tao, Mayday, SHE, Elva Hsiao, Show Luo, Sodagreen, Angela Zhang, Jam Hsia, Vaness Wu, and Cai Qin joined over the contingent of celebrities for the televised fundraiser. On the controversies surrounding Jay Chou's miserly donation to the cause, fellow singer Lee Hom, who donated S$80,000 to the fund expressed that he believed in everyone's sincerity for this cause. The Taiwanese singer also continued that he believed that everyone's care and support will not end here - rebuilding the country is a long journey.

Both JJ Lin and musical band FIR have pledged to donate all the profits from their latest music album sales to the disaster-stricken areas, inspiring and warming the hearts of many.

The most important thing is having the heart to care and not how much people donated.

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