August 31, 2009

Bye Metal!


The sun rises, the sun sets. People come, people go. Good bye, MetalAznWarrior! I hope you'll continue to soar happily like the birds! Best of luck to your studies! Your comics will definitely be sorely missed as well as your fanfic! One very important lesson that I've learned from reading your fanfic is to live happy.

Thank you for all your great posts and golden quotes! Below is one of 'em!

"Happiness cannot be sought. It’s not guaranteed. Happiness is earned. Happiness makes life beautiful and worth living. "
- from the author of "Seeking Happiness", MetalAznWarrior

Top Combine - Cotton Candy

Credit: 你就是我心中的棉花糖

Listen to it! Listen to it! Listen to it! Listen to it! Listen to it!

August 29, 2009

Love Buffet stops filming, $2 Million NT lost to the flood

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

The 88 flood affects the entertainment world, Calvin Chen, Joanne Tseng and Arron Yan were due to star in GTV drama "Love Buffet", a part of the filming was meant to take place in Maolin National Park, but because of the 88 disaster flood it inflicted serious damage, they had no choice but to stop filming and look for a different location. The schedules of the actors have had to be rearranged, the producer Wang Xin Gui said they have lost at least $2 Million NT!

Arron Yan has bad luck with both dramas

"Love Buffet" on the 5th August had originally meant to go to Maolin National's scenic district to film a camping scene, but because of the 88 disaster flood the appearance of Maolin has changed, so the drama crew had no choice but to change the location. Having to re-write the script and on top of that new expenditures, it is calculated that in total they have made a loss of $2 million NT.

Arron Yan filming dramas have had full of misfortune, last year he was meant to take on the main character in "Tao Hua Xiao Mei" but rumours were that there was a disagreement with Gui Gui so the filming stopped. This year starring in "Love Parfait" he was met with the flood disaster, but he can see through it because during the period where he will stop filming he will prepare for Fahrenheit's concert in October.

The disaster and the epidemic situation both have big effects

Because of the flood and the influenza epidemic they have had to stop filming, not only "Love Buffet", but also FTV "New recruits diary" which succeeded to have a break out of influenza so had to postpone. Francesca Kao shooting an experimental short video "Calling" because the scene at Alishan had sunken into the disaster area it had to stop shooting, and the most recent was "Cape No.7" director Wei De Sheng, his new film " Seediq Bale" were all scenes shot in the disaster areas which has resulted in a loss of over $100 Million NT.

I'm just glad that it's not cancelled like Momo Love.

Marrying Blue Lan Zheng Long happily; Joe Chen Qiao En admits outside filming: she has no intention to settle down!

Source: Now News
Translation: Ocean168 @

In the drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Blue Lan Zheng Long and Joe Chen Qiao En filmed a wedding scene, and both of them ever since they started acting, have experienced getting married in almost every drama, however they both have different insights on marriage. Chen Qiao En at the moment is [not getting hitched kind] and do not have a lot of thoughts on marriage; Blue Lan Zheng Long under the influence of his father, thinks that one need to have all the preparation before starting a family, and pertaining to the way of carrying it out, Blue Lan Zheng Long said: ‘Simple is good, respect the girl’s ideas’.

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ championed in ratings, internet fans saw the preview on Blue Lan Zheng Long and Joe Chen Qiao En’s wedding and were curious to know what will be the future developments for both of them, and even asked if this is the ending of the drama. Joe Chen Qiao En said there will be explosion that will follow, and ask the audience to continue to watch and find out.

And to capture the wedding scene, the filming crew went to [中坜] to film, and used the pavilion to decorate into the wedding ceremony venue; and the scene where Grandpa (Ting Jiang starred) escort Fu An (Joe Chen Qiao En starred) to enter the premises, and bestow the bride to Da Feng (Blue Lan Zheng Long starred) at the wedding scene, resulted in everyone filming a few times under the hot sun. Joe Chen Qiao En smilingly said: ‘Because all of us do not have the actual walking down the aisle experience, and the steps and pace we took were not with ease and graceful, hence NG a few times.’

Ever since entering showbiz, Blue Lan Zheng Long had experienced filming wedding photos several times, and Joe Chen Qiao En had also encountered wedding scenes. Although in the drama, she often don a bride’s gown, but Joe Chen Qiao En admitted that at the moment, she is the ‘not for marriage type’, and does not have a lot of opinions for marriage, and also have not thought about what mode to use to get married. Blue Lan Zheng Long under the influence of his father, deem that starting a family requires a lot of responsibilities, and when a guy ties the know, he needs to shoulder the responsibilities of the family and he said: ‘I will get myself fully prepared, before considering starting a family.’As to the mode in getting married, Blue Lan Zheng Long deemed that: ‘Simple is good, and everything I will respect the girl’s ideas, and see what her thinking is.’

oooo, explosion!

August 27, 2009

Hi, We Just Reached 30

January 6

Bernice Liu. The first time I saw her was in Virtues of Harmony where she took on the role of the playful princess. Although she had an accent, her performance was still enjoyable and refreshing. Out of all her series, I like her role in "Into Thin Air" the most! She has great chemistry with Kenneth. Hope to see them pair up again in the future!!!

January 18

Beards make people look old. Mr. Jay Chow. He's probably the first person that comes to mind when the words "Chinese Music" come up. And he's 30, that's believable.

April 4

Chen Qiao En. =) Need I say more? Love her acting, love her crying scenes, love her writing, proud to be a fan. =) Favorite roles are Chen Xin Yi from Fated To Love You and Xia Tian from Ying Ye 3 Jia 1. Hope she'll be able to accomplish her goal of breaking into the silver screen.

July 30

Mr. Pig! He's one of the funniest host I've ever encountered on TV. His silly gestures, his witty comments, his not-so-good English, his random entrances as Mr. Pig, his imitations of others, his over-the-top enthusiasm, and the list goes on. And despite reaching his 30, he doesn't act 30 at all! He's 20 at heart! -wink wink-

August 30

Tavia Yeung. Outstanding performance in Moonlight Resonance! Especially the scene where she hid in the telephone booth and broke down in tears while watching her family frantically search for her. That scene completely depleted my monthly supply of tissue.

September 2

Ron Ng. Besides his hair, he hasn't change much in terms of appearance. I really like his hair in the second picture though, it looks cool! Hahahaa! His acting, on the other hand, is ok. I like Ron in "Men in Pain" the most, even though his hair wasn't that great in that show. I still can't believe he's 30, he looks at most 25 ~ 27ish.

October 10

Wu Chun. Taiwan's Food King. Known for his incredible ability to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and not becoming obese from eating so much. Seriously, he should host a food show and bring viewers to different places to try out different food. Warning from Arron: Never NEVER steal his food! He'll turn into the HULK!

November 6

Myolie Wu. I shall stop right here. I'm afraid if I go any further, I'll end up bashing her.

December 8

Raymond Lam. Looks, money, talent, education, he's got them all. These last few years has been a huge breakthrough for him. Not only did he participate in two successful grand production, Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance, he also broke into the music industry, released three albums, and held a concert at the famous HK Coliseum. All done in just two years!

So, what's it like to turn 30?

Credit: Pics @ AF Gallery
Pics Edit by Celsius

August 24, 2009

Fahrenheit: We suit the young and old; we don't try to be F4, nor are we Mayday

Source: Sina
Translated by catalie @

In the past year, the four guys of Fahrenheit have reached the peak of their careers. On September 5, they will be holding their "Fahrenheit Fantasy 2009 Concert" at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, the 9th stop of their first world tour. Yesterday Fahrenheit came to Nanjing to promote the event and before that, they gave an exclusive live interview. Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen revealed their "literary & martial arts, suited to both young and old" charm.

Jiro Wang celebrates his "19th" birthday in advance

Today is Jiro Wang's 28th birthday and yesterday he dressed especially "formal". While he was preparing for the live interview, he even exchanged shirts with Calvin, "You should wear the one I mentioned", "That one's a bit big, think one still seems to suit you better". During the news conference afterwards, the host even specially prepared a cake and the four of them sang "Happy Birthday" together, later joking, "Putting one candle is enough, it's his 19th birthday", "He's only eighteen". Jiro made three wishes, "The first two I can say out loud. First, because Taiwan has been struck by natural disaster, I hope friends from around the world can be very safe, very merry and be happy everyday. My second wish, I hope our Nanjing concert will be very very very successful." Since Chun is the "king of big appetite", once the news conference concluded, a few people still joked about him, "Help me take some cake home", "Leave some for Wu Chun".

"We are the robust, healthy Fahrenheit"

"Actually, we have quite a lot of confidence. The performances and rehearsals for the past 8 concerts have been improving each time. By now, we have even more tacit understanding. Nanjing is our first concert in half a year, the last one was in April in Shanghai. Apparently the stage of the Sports Center is in a 工 shape so we'll be even closer to everyone. Furthermore, in order to see the audience down below, you never know, we might fly down there from the stage." However, when "flying" is mentioned, fans are reminded of Wu Chun's previous arm and leg injuries. At the Shanghai concert, he practically had to appear on stage in a wheelchair while Arron's right knee injury from last year has also resurfaced. Wu Chun expressed, " My arm and leg injuries are all healed. Right now we are the healthy beautiful Fahrenheit. Due to Wu Chun's influence as a past gym trainer, many people are now paying lots of attention to working out.

"We are the Fahrenheit with literary and martial arts abilities"

Previously, Fahrenheit covered the song 雙截棍 Shuang Jie Gun (Nunchaku) at a few of their concerts which became popular with fans. A reader asked online whether they will once again show their talents at the Nanjing concert and Jiro replied, "This is one of the highs of the concert. Especially since the dancing part is more traditional, we will definitely perform it. At the time, we didn't have much time to prepare it for the first concert. After acting in dramas, we pretty much had no sleep, spending most of our time practising with Nunchakus and swords." Calvin also added, "There will definitely be sword and nunchaku performances to let everyone know that Fahrenheit has literary and martial arts talents. When we were practising with nunchakus at the time, we almost hit each other's eyes because all four of us stood in a line and everyone used too much strength, not able to control it. The performances were also quite dangerous because the sword would snap several times maybe because it would get caught or we would accidentally drop it." Jiro Wang immediately said to our screen, "We have practised professionally, everyone please don't imitate at all costs."

"We are the Fahrenheit suited to both young and old"

Including the netizens who were online yesterday [for the live interview], most of Fahrenheit's fans are young people. However, Jiro Wang proudly corrected that Fahrenheit is "suited to young and old", "The youngest about 5 while the oldest about 85 years old". It turns out the 85-year-old grandmother fan they mentioned, loves Wu Chun best. "When we hold autograph sessions in Taiwan, she will come. Perhaps she treats us like her grandchildren. She is a grandmother and will collect newspaper articles to show us." Calvin said, "She is very cute. We will let her on stage first because it is exhausting for her, she also cheers us on. We all call her Nai Nai (grandmother)." Then what's the story behind the young 5-year-old fan? "Actually, there are even younger ones, 2-3 year olds also. They will come with their mother to each autograph session is very warm, cheerful and touching."

"We don't try to be F4, nor are we Mayday"

"When you first formed, did you intend to become F4 or Mayday?" A reader asked this type of question: did you intend to be an all-rounded idol group or purely a music group? Arron replied, "Actually, we didn't think about becoming anything. We only wanted to do what we could, as best we could. Furthermore, we each have our own different specialties and interests and thus will strive towards developing these. For example, Chun likes to act in films, Da Dong likes rock music. The four of us don't intend to be any particular defined group." Calvin continued, "Actually, all artists in Asia need to work together more. For example, there are lots of people who have gone to act in Hollywood which is a really good phenomenon. Slowly, the Asian market will gain affirmation. Right now, we need to work together and combine our strengths." Then do the four of you also set Hollywood as a goal. Jiro replied jokingly, "To have a holiday there." Arron added, "We'll have a look around then leave."

Nanjing's Stinky Tofu... steamed or fried?

Originally Fahrenheit was also invited to last month's All-Star Concert but in the end, they couldn't go. Some said it was because "Fahrenheit and S.H.E can't be on the same stage" while some even referred to the the two groups as "you can't compare the present to the past". To this, Chun laughed and replies, "We were still on the same stage at the event two days before." Calvin also expressed, "Right now, we're too busy, it's very difficult for the four of us to appear together. Speaking of which, our first stage debut was in Shenzhen at our seniors S.H.E's concert. At the time, there were 30,000 people and we were really nervous. Luckily they helped and looked after us." Working together many times including in dramas, MVs and concerts, they have learnt from S.H.E that on the contrary, the most important thing is "play". "They are very cheerful. While singing and acting, they are practically just playing around, not nervous at all. However, they are also very professional and focused." They couldn't come to Nanjing last time but this time, all their wishes have been granted, "Three years ago we came to promote our album in Nanjing but after that, we haven't been here." Very busy this time, they haven't had a chance to eat Nanjing's snacks. Calvin very enthusiastically asked, "Fans can recommend for us, I've heard 鹽水鴨 (Salty Water Duck) and also Stinky Tofu. Oh yeah, how is Nanjing Stinky Tofu made, steamed or fried?"

Requests fans "Don't chase cars and give gifts"

Yesterday, Fahrenheit was half an hour late to this interview, "Nanjing fans are too enthusiastic, at the carpark we almost couldn't get out." They specially expressed their thanks to fans through Sina, "This time coming to Mainland China, we are quite touched. Taiwan has been struck by natural disaster but fans have collectively made donations rather than give us gifts." Previously, Fahrenheit would receive many gifts of all shapes and sizes making them feel a little regretful, "Actually, we see your sincerity but it doesn't necessarily have to be expressed through gifts. Going to a different city each day like this, our progress will be affected if we have to carry so many packages big and small. Everyone can save some money to do some compassionate things, making a little card or something for us by yourself is already enough, no need to need lots of money... sometimes this becomes a hassle towards those at the airport. We're worried that people will think 'How can Fahrenheit be like this, affecting other people making their way on or off planes.' This really isn't very good." Also, they are most worried about cases such as in Singapore when fans crazily chased cars. Calvin expressed, "Actually, we have already appealed many times, but there are people who really do this. You know where our activities/events are, just wait for us at the location."
Happy 19th Birthday Jiroooooo!!!!! Soooo Youngggg! Hahahaaa~

August 22, 2009


Credit: dddddanni@youtube

Louis and Bernice are at a restaurant and Bernice gets a phone call so Louis orders for them.

Louis (to waiter): you understand Chinese?
Waiter: Sorry sir.
Louis: Uh, Beyond, Twins
Waiter: Twins?
Louis: EO2, E-kids, Shine, Boy'z , OK?
Waiter: Are you sure?
Louis: Sure

The only English he knows are names of HK bands/groups! Hahahaa~

Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong 'smothers' each other during "You're Hired" filming

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong 'smothers' each other during "You're Hired" filming

Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong collaborating in "You're Hired" together is a mismatched. During filming, they would often both challenge each other. almost constantly in that mind state 24 hours a day. This made Charmaine really tired, yet very happy. She said that Dayo is a fast paced person, her reactions cannot be slow. During filming, both of them really were bickering against each other. There were three scenes where Charmaine especially promoted for, which involved the two of them "smothering" each other, the audience must pay attention to it.

"There was one scene where Miu Miu (Charmaine) knew that Ah Song (Dayo) had a secret, she rushed back to the noodle shop to tell Mo Leen (Theresa Lee) about it, but Ah Song came intercepting. When we shot that scene, Dayo suddenly fell to the ground begging me, at the time I went numb and thought to myself 'oh my god you're using this trick!'. The scene was accomplished in one take."

"I also gave a 'surprise' to Dayo. Ah Song's appearance is very lazy, so I'm always smacking him. There was one time where we were sitting, he was being lazy again, so I could not help but take the toothpicks to whack him on the head. He was not able to dodge me fast enough, so he got a head shot. Afterwards, I told Dayo that I really wanted to beat him up."

"Dayo caused me to NG 20+ times, which that broke my record. Miu Miu and Ah Song were dating, but the shameless Ah Song was unwilling to pour out his deep feelings, so he was forced to talk about the 'deep feelings'. Turns out that the 'deep feelings' Ah Song wanted to pour out was about eating breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea..... this made Miu Miu very angry. During filming, Dayo and I could not hold in our laughter because it was just too silly!"

This is the show that is pulling me away from Taiwan and pushing me towards TVB again! It's very educational, very funny, and very perfect for people who are looking to major in business or run their business. I don't know why the article calls Dayo and Charm a mismatch though. I love it when these two bicker onscreen, very witty and funny! Comedy is the remedy for a happy famileeeeeee!

August 21, 2009

Joe Chen and Roy Chiu rumoured to be in a secret relationship

Source : MediaCorp TV
Credit: =sx.k=@AF News

Love comes after work for famous Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (better known as Chen Qiao En). She broke up with her Australian boyfriend, Michael, in the beginning of this year but quickly got back together with him. However, things did not work out between them and she asked for another breakup two months ago. Although he was unwilling to end their relationship, he finally relented after Joe issued him an ultimatum and ordered him to leave the house.

According to sources, the relationship between Joe and Michael has long gone stale. Already in his thirties, the Ozzie wanted to settle down and start planning for a family, even citing an example of Australian actress Nicole Kidman achieving worldwide recognition after becoming a mother. Joe disagreed with him and was determined in carving a niche in the movie industry before anything else. Their differing opinions and ideals eventually led to the couple’s separation.

In her guest appearances on various Taiwanese variety shows, Joe refuted these notions with replies like “Am I supposed to only love this person in my entire lifetime? I can’t fall for anyone else?” and “I love myself too much, how am I supposed to love someone else?”

After photographs of Joe and fellow Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu surfaced, she made the untimely announcement of her separation from Michael. The entire series of events were too coincidental and sparked off rumors of a possible relationship brewing between them. Joe’s manager retorted and explained that Joe merely admired Roy’s acting professionalism and refused to further comment on the topic.

Both Joe and Roy are onscreen partners and are currently acting against one another in their latest drama series, Easy Fortune Happy Life.
Wah~ she broke up with her four year boyfriend!
Wah~ Fu An and Dong Jie might be together in real life!
Wah~ so much drama!

As a dedicated fan, I'll support whatever decision she makes, after all life is full unpredictable events and decisions.

August 20, 2009

Death Investigation Extension Again

CTV and SETTV's Charity TV Events raise more than 500 million TWD

original source: UDN Entertainment
translated by minchong92 @

When disaster strikes, help comes. Last night, a total of 500 million TWD was donated to the two charity TV events. This showed the power of Taiwan's people uniting together. However, for the charity events themed to the name of "love", there was still competition on which channel could donate the most to show who was better. Both sides persistently went to "grab" artists, to go all out with the numbers.

CTV's charity event was produced by Wang Jun a.k.a "Variety Show Tank". He got the first lady, Zhou Mei Qing and then Andy Lau. After that, he reached Jet Li. Then he asked his friends to call Lin Qing Hsia.

Wang Jun said yesterday that Andy Lau accepted the invitation to come immediately. Lau also expressed that he would bring even more artists along including Leon Lai, Richie Ren, and Andy Hui. Yesterday Lau said that the HK entertainment circle was already preparing for an event to help the victims in Taiwan. That time is set for August 17. And Lau lamented that lately most of the disasters these years have been affecting Chinese people: "Who would think that in just two days, a whole year of rain would come? Disasters cannot be predicted. If you have money, give money. If you have the ability, use it."
The four kings donated 8 million TWD. Shu Qi also participated in the relief funds, donating 1 million TWD. She and Leon Lai have broken up for many years. But for the cause, the two unexpectedly showed up on the same event.

Jet Li immediately agreed, coming to the set early yesterday. He only wanted to lend a hand, trying to persuade the staff saying: "I don't want to go on stage. I want to answer the phones."
He did not want to waste a second. After changing t-shirts coming down on the elevator, he sat among a crowd of Red Cross workers answering telephones.

But everyone wanted the big names. The people Wang Jun invited were also sought by SETTV. It was even rumored that the two sides would divide Andy Lau and Jet Li to one side. CTV invited Fei Ge, Xiao Yan Jie, Gua Ge and Chen Chun Hua as the four main hosts. Besides the fact that all famous entertainers young and old came to the events, many mainland China networks such as Phoenix Satellite Television and Hunan TV donated large amounts of money. Zhang Guo Li (Chinese actor/director) also traveled to Taiwan to comfort victims. SETTV used idols to win by inviting Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu, Aska Yang etc.

Wang Jun said yesterday: “Grabbing people is no matter. Organizing a event to help the victims is a must. But truthfully, there is no need to let the artists become so tired [to go from one set to another]. Networks should put aside differences and collaborate together. This would be more complete and the event would be much bigger. It would raise more money, wouldn’t that be better?”

Wa ka! That's a lot of money! Hope it'll help the victims of the typhoon get back on their feet ASAP.

Jiro Wang says he has a "sibling face" with Rainie Yang, future developments could be possible

Source SINA
Translated by Elvenstar @

Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang and George Hu who star in the idol drama "ToGetHer", on August 20th the drama will start broadcasting on CETV. Before the day of the broadcast, Jiro Wang and George Hu appeared in Guangzhou to do promotions for the new drama. When asked if he would take it one step further with “couple face” Rainie, Jiro openly admitted that he thought they both had a "Sibling face", exposing their future relationship, making people anticipate their future .

During the filming of "ToGetHer", Jiro and Rainie had non-stop rumours of ambiguous love. Previously, Rainie openly publicized that she had been praised to have a "couple face" with Jiro. Asking whether or not if there is a chance to take things further, and in the future would he choose Rainie as his other half, Jiro was a bit hesitant and in the end replied that the future can not be foreseen, making people anticipate a future relationship with Rainie. But Jiro has also said that Rainie looked similar to his cousin, so rather than saying they have a "Couple face" why not say a "sibling face". The most worthiest reason to make Jiro happy should be that while working with Rainie they had got on very well and also in private they could go out to play.

When talking about their collaboration in ToGetHer, Jiro praised the storyline was very good, calling Rainie the “Cinderella” who meets the failing superstar and unexpectedly ends up living together and falling in love.

Urging everyone to put in effort for the Taiwan flood appeal

Typhoon "Morakot" has been Taiwan's most severe flood. During the conference, Jiro and George were still far away in Guangzhou but when the flood was mentioned they where extremely upset. Both of then through a "compassionate SMS" wrote down separately their blessings to the victims and also the appeal for more aid, also hoping that their appeal will help spread their love out. Jiro appealed to people to make their small love into great love and also to help out the disaster areas. According to Jiro, he revealed that Fahrenheit for the disaster area held a compassionate charity auction, raising enough materials to fill 3 big trucks. Apart from that, he will also personally donate money as well. George Hu also expressed that when he is free he will go help, because seeing Jet Li appear to help at the site of the disaster he also felt very emotional.

Hahaha~ silly Jiro! And to be honest, Together wasn't really that good...

August 19, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan Zheng Long wishes Taiwan Easy Fortune Happy Life.

Source: Mingpao
Translation: Ocean168 @

Natural disaster caused the whole village to be submerged, and suddenly lots of people became homeless, isolated and lost their families and relatives, and they chided oneself for not expressing their love to their family members. Taiwan’s 8.8 disaster experience, let one understands that the most important thing in life is that peace is a blessing. And Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan Zheng Long join hands to wish everyone, gaining peace and health [福氣又安康].

Taiwan Idol Drama First Sister Chen Qiao En after acting in dramas ‘Frog turn Prince’, ’Fated to Love you’, challenged for ratings and this time she partners with Blue Lan Zheng Long, and will her position as No. 1 Sister be shaken? After airing for 10 weeks, the viewership results of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ are still at the top. And on average the drama achieved 4% in ratings. This proves that Chen Qiao En is still the ratings antidote, And she thanked the audience for watching the drama every week, and this time the viewership results were very good. And recently she heard a lot on disaster happenings, and do not feel good. To her, the audience are like one family, if they are painful, how could we be happy then? She sincerely hope that God will bless Taiwan and God will bless everyone, and hope that one and all live simply but in peace, because safety and peace is wealth, we really need ‘Fu Qi You An Kang’.

This is the first time, Chen Qiao En partner with Lan Zheng Long, and initially they could not see eye to eye in the drama, Chen Qiao En felt that their relationship is more of enemies than lovers and she said: ‘When I read the script at first, it was hard to convince myself to love an evil guy? And even the screenplay arranged for our first kiss to be in the mud, and is a mistaken kiss, not romantic but painful. But felt better later on.’

Blue Lan laughingly complained: ‘Kissing with Chen Qiao En was really painful, and before that there were comments that Chen Qiao En is generous to Ethan Ruan, and their intimate scenes are very loose, Chen Qiao En has no restrictions, and I could not believe it, but it is true.’ Chen Qiao En rebutted: ‘Who said so? I do not see who the person is! I see the requirements of the script. And the contents of ‘Fated to Love You’ and this drama differs! In the drama, I quarrelled with you more than eating, so how to be intimate? And no matter how experienced the girl is, when coming to filming such scenes, will still feel awkward.’ And both Joe Chen and Blue Lan most passionate scene was when Chen Qiao En wore a sexy nightgown to express her love to Blue Lan, then both of them hug and kiss passionately on bed. Chen Qiao En expressed this scene is her utmost scale and she said that after having a century kiss with Ethan Ruan, she wants fixed point in filming kissing scenes, and do not want to have too much action with the partner, because she does not wish to become an actress not suitable for children.

And Chen Qiao En ever had kissing scenes with Ming Dao, Ethan Ruan and Blue Lan, and who is most suitable to be a good lover? Joe laughingly said: ‘It is very difficult to reply! Maybe I could describe my feelings for them. For Ming Dao, we have the chemistry and after a gaze, we will know how to react. And we are friends who can talk about anything, from discussing about drama to life. He likes to watch movies and if you feel bored and want someone to accompany, he will be a good companion.’

Chen Qiao En described that when she is with Ethan Ruan, he is the most noisy one: ‘He likes to bicker with me, he knows how to sweet talk to me at the appropriate time and I am happy to see him.’ What about Blue Lan? She said: ‘He looks self-centered, but actually he is very caring and attentive to others, I really hope that he will be able to find a good female companion, and he will be happier, then he will not mutter when we are working together.’

Chen Qiao En normally bring prosperity to husbands in her dramas, and those partners who acted with her will become famous, and do not know in real life when will she find her other half and bring prosperity to him?

Hahahahaaaa! "...then he will not mutter when we are working together" In the early episodes, Blue would mutter that acting with QE is tough because he is always stuck in those bad situations such as falling into sinking mud, getting hit by kids, climbing trees, etc. Hahaha!

August 18, 2009

Long Live the Toilet

Credit: mengzheqiaoen1ove@youtube

Naturally like to poop;

I poop three to four times a day.

Long live the toilet!

He is my baby;

Everyday I have a date with him.

Hahaha~Qiao En! 7 Flowers! Nice tribute to toilets! Hahahaaa!

Asian stars rally together for a good cause

Source : YahooSingapore,, AF News

The onset of Typhoon Morakot has brought nothing but widespread devastation to the Taiwanese citizens. The country is currently experiencing its worst floods in 50 years, with more than a hundred deaths and massive economic blows to the Taiwanese market. Over 200 celebrities from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore showed their support and rallied together a few nights ago for a televised fundraiser. Singaporean singer JJ Lin also donated S$40,000 to the cause as he shared, "I always have long-term stays in Taiwan. Taiwan is also considered my second home."

Other celebrities like Hong Kong's Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Shu Qi, and Richie Ren also flew down and rendered support to help raise funds for this catastrophe. Renowned actor cum director Jet Li, also made plans to personally visit the various disaster areas and donated S$60,000 from his charity One Foundation to the Taiwan Red Cross foundation. Although many were unable to attend the televised fundraiser, they continued to show their support and love for Taiwan as celebrities like Jackie Chan and Lin Ching Hsia phoned-in and rallied for more donations to be made.

Taiwanese stars like Wang Lee Hom, David Tao, Mayday, SHE, Elva Hsiao, Show Luo, Sodagreen, Angela Zhang, Jam Hsia, Vaness Wu, and Cai Qin joined over the contingent of celebrities for the televised fundraiser. On the controversies surrounding Jay Chou's miserly donation to the cause, fellow singer Lee Hom, who donated S$80,000 to the fund expressed that he believed in everyone's sincerity for this cause. The Taiwanese singer also continued that he believed that everyone's care and support will not end here - rebuilding the country is a long journey.

Both JJ Lin and musical band FIR have pledged to donate all the profits from their latest music album sales to the disaster-stricken areas, inspiring and warming the hearts of many.

The most important thing is having the heart to care and not how much people donated.

Fahrenheit's fans donate 3.5tonnes' worth of relief items

Source : Yahoo!Singapore,

The passing of Typhoon Morakot is inarguably one of the worst disasters to hit Taiwan in the past 50 years. Celebrities from all over Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China are actively rallying the public for more donations to aid the suffering victims.

Taiwanese pop idol group, Fahrenheit, earnestly appealed to their fans for help and donations when they got wind of the devastating news. Inspired by their appeals, their appeals for help were met with an overwhelming response from their fans. Their generous donations were enough to fill three large lorries, with as much as 3.5tonnes of relief items donated over a course of just five days.

In response to the active donations made by their fans, band member Aaron Yan expressed, "There are many overseas fans who are unable to donate relief-items. They have been leaving messages on discussion boards in hopes that the company can help them with it. Actually, everyone can make donations to the Red Cross foundation or the World Vision organization."

Apart from taking time off to participate in the televised fundraiser event, the four-member group each bought 50 boxes of daily necessities for the affected Taiwanese citizens. The group also decided to donate the profits made from their Taipei concert to the relief fund.

"This fundraising activity has really touched me. I hope everyone can continue to make donations and help successfully rebuild the lives of these victims," said Jiro Wang. In appreciation for their fan's unyielding support, Fahrenheit promised to present fans with an exciting and spectacular concert for their Nanjing concert in the Olympic stadium on September 5.

August 17, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En kiss Blue Lan Zheng Long passionately and shout [My God]!

Source: UDN
Translation: Ocean168 @

In TTV, Sanlih Idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Chen Qiao En don a sexy nightgown to seduce Blue Lan Zheng Long. Both of them was hugging and kissing passionately on the bed. Blue Lan said: ‘Chen Qiao En appeared to be a bit nervous, but our chemistry was good and after two three takes it was OK.’ Had she ever wore a sexy nightgown to lure her boyfriend? Chen Qiao En said: ‘No, My sexy nightgown is only worn during acting.’

In the drama, Chen Qiao En first wore a red overcoat, then remove the coat, and reveal her sexy nightgown, unfolding her figure before one eyes, and then gazed at Blue Lan Zheng Long with an infinite deep love and express her love, Chen Qiao En shoke her head and said: ‘Oh my God, this is not the usual me’.

This is another challenge for Chen Qiao En after the drama: ’Fated to Love You’. She said with her face reddened: ‘Females who act such scenes, will be shy!’ After the scene was filmed, Chen Qiao En was ‘back to normal’, and make an uproar to use the wine bottle to ‘K’ Blue Lan, and became another person, and this amuse everyone to laugh. Hahahaa!

August 09, 2009

The Worst Episode With The Best Scene Part 2

Here is the kiwi fight where things got a little silly. Dong Jie and Fu An are on a date when they are called up on stage to play a couple game. So that's all cool and stuff. The silly part came when Da Feng went to dress up as a kiwi and attacked Dong Jie onstage and a few minutes later, Jiao Ge joins 'em onstage in his kiwi costume. Da Feng attacking Dong Jie is reasonable since he's extremely jealous at this point and boy, does jealousy cloud his mind. But Jiao Ge attacking Dong Jie is rather stupid on his part. Jiao Ge was hired to get rid of Dong Jie and if this is his way of doing it...-sigh- why are villians in Taiwan idol dramas so brainless?

I'm just going to skip to the best scene in the whole series so far. I'm sure there will be some more good scenes in the coming few episodes. -wink- I thought this particular scene was awfully cool. In his unconsciousness, the man comes face to face with a reality that he has been hiding from. In this realm, his lies are all exposed and his true nature comes to light. The spreading of his black wings was soooo coooolll! I think it made him look more handsome! Hahahaa! Who can save this man's dark soul? Of course, it's Fu An. And this is the one of the few moments where I'm sure that Da Feng loves Fu An and not the 800 billion inheritance.

August 08, 2009

The Worst Episode With The Best Scene Part 1

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 9 created some very intense heat among viewers. It was the best episode, it was the worst episode. To me, episode 9 was the worst episode with the best scene. Every scene except for two in this episode is F.A.I.L.

In the first scene, Da Feng (Blue Lan) brings Fu An (Chen Qiao En) to look for Tung Flowers to get its blessings. Unfortunately, the Tung Flower season is over, but Da Feng is not discouraged and manages to spot the last Tung Flower resting high up on a tree branch. He takes a ladder, climbs the tree, plucks the last Tung Flower, falls down from the tree, and then gets scolded by some random overreacting people.

1) what the hell is that ladder doing in the middle of field. It's so random. I see like some cleanup crew in the background but they're just cleaning the field, what do they need the ladder for?

2) The man just fell down from a tree and then is scolded by random people for plucking the last flower. It's only a flower, people! Plus, it looks fake anyway. These people not only yell at him for plucking the flower, they also "advised" Fu An to stay away from him. Like HUH, he only plucked a flower, and he's being called an unfaithful bum. And dude, he just fell from a tree! Nobody seems to care that he fell from a tree.

3) And Fu An! What happen to her in this scene! Just a moment ago, she was cheering him on, while he was reaching for the last flower. And now when he is being scolded by these random people, she joins in and chides him, telling him that what he did was embarrassing. That was totally not the reaction I expected from Fu An!

The scene with Pi Dan and Zhen Zhen is just so wrong. One's a teacher, and the other is a student. I have enough reading about teacher misconduct in the newspaper, I don't think I need to see that on tv too. There is nothing wrong about liking a teacher, but this scene is just so wrong. If Ms. Zhen Zhen would like to seduce someone, please find someone your own size.

Ah~ my suggestion has been taken! Ms. Zhen Zhen goes after Yang Yang in the next scene. This scene is one of the good enjoyable scene in this episode. Ms. Zhen Zhen uses her secret weapon to test whether Yang Yang is gay or not. The end result is that her test is unreliable and unaccurate. She mistakens Yang Yang to be gay until he clarifies it for her. She then makes up a story about loving Yang Yang to the point where if she can't have him, then she rather see him as a "sister" than see him with another woman in his arms. Of course, she will pay a price for her lies. Yang Yang "accepts" her story and agrees to be her boyfriend. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. That's exactly what he's doing.

My Reaction to this episode: