July 02, 2009

Xiao S, Joe Chen bicker. Gunpowder stench thick in filming studio

Source : UDN
Translated by karened @ http://asianfanatics.net

When CtiTV's big sister Xiao S meets SanlihTV's big sister Joe Chen, one can smell a lingering stench of gunpowder.

Joe Chen appeared on "Kang Xi Lai Le" yesterday with Blue Lan, Roy Chiu and Xiu Jie Kai1. She had a clear purpose, which was to promote Sanlih's "Easy Fortune Happy Life" and her new book, which had her travel to Paris for photos. When the show started, Xiao S and Tsai Kang Yung stood behind the guests on purpose and sighed, saying, "Why does this series specialise on gathering black faces2?" Following that was the settling of old debts between Blue Lan and Da S, and Roy Chiu and Rainie Yang. But when the topic moved to Joe Chen's relationship with her boyfriend Michael, it felt, at a few points, like they could not ask on any further.

Joe Chen was quite defensive and you'll meet a dead end if you asked her about her romance. All her emotions will also be written on her face. But Xiao S would not be beaten and at a few points said, "Let's not film then." Xiao S asked Joe Chen whether she still has any feelings and go high when she sees his face, having dated him for 4 years. Joe Chen was very honest and shook her head saying, "Not anymore." Xiao S said straightforwardly that the 4th year is a checkpoint for romance. To that, Joe Chen asked, "You mean you still do for your husband?"

Tsai Kang Yung backed Xiao S and, while flipping through Joe Chen's new book "Joe Sees Paris"3, said, "This book, is about a pretty girl wanting to taking beautiful pictures" He then raised his head towards Blue Lan and said, "Will you read?" Blue Lan replied coldly, "I did." Previously when Blue Lan appeared on variety program "Police et vous", it reached a high viewership rating of 1.8. This time round, as part of the promotion, he went to Roy Chiu's rescue many times when the latter was grilled regarding his past romance with Rainie Yang, so much so that he made Xiao S stomp her feet, saying, "Hey this is my show!"

During the filming, it was evident that what Joe Chen took to heart most was Tsai Kang Yung saying that her book was "just beautiful pictures". She first explained, "There are also texts inside" before saying, "No matter whether others find it good or not, they are all my true feelings."

Translator's notes
1 He acts as Blue's cousin in the series.
2 Literally black faces. Meaning people pulling long faces, dull.
3 Literal translation, I'm not sure about the actual title.
4 I don't really get the last paragraph of the article, and hence did not translate it word for word, but it's along the lines of Happy Fortune Easy Life having to fight against BOF as they have the same tv time slot, so the producers of Kang Xi Lai Le requested Tsai Kang Yung and Xiao S not to mention the name of the series.

Sounds like a very intense battle there! Will have to watch this episode because articles tend to exaggerate things. I'm kinda upset by Kang Yung's statement about Qiao En's book. It's definitely not a book about a "pretty girl wanting to take beautful pictures"! That just sounds so degrading and offensive. The guy must be drunk when he said this. I have the book, and I've read a couple of articles already, and they're pretty deep and some are just plain funny. And there are a lot of beautiful pictures in here too but it's not just beautiful pictures as the drunk man claims it to be.

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