July 31, 2009

Wu Chun tries out Chongqing hotpot, for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums

Source SINA 
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Just a day before, they participated in a big performance in Chongqing, the other members of Fahrenheit apart from Wu Chun, had to rush back to the hotel to pack their suitcase to leave the early next morning to return to Taiwan to film dramas. After Wu Chun returned to the hotel for a shower, he left through a side door of the hotel to accompany his mum1 to go eat a Chongqing hotpot

Wu Chun while on stage said that after the performance, he would go eat Chongqing mala hotpot with his mum that came to watch him perform, so after the performance ended a lot of fans followed the reporters to find out the location of where Wu Chun was going for his midnight snack. The reporters were helpless to the request, but there were also a lot of dedicated Wu Chun fans who waited for him outside the hotel door.

Previously Wu Chun with Fahrenheit have briefly been past Chongqing several times, but this is the 1st time they stayed. Wu Chun said, when they got off the plane there were a few fans there waiting for them, he knew at that time they made the right decision to come, " Chongqing fans need us" he said "this time in Chongqing is the 1st time I've ate the proper mala hotpot, it's very authentic". After the reporters informed him, on that day there were more than 400 fans at the airport and that the airport had to completely change the security measures set up, Wu Chun felt very honoured and thankful towards the passionate fans, at the same time he was grateful for the airport staff for looking after them and hopes that next time they would be able to come to Chongqing again.

Also, Wu Chun revealed for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums. At present, he has chosen the photographer and the lighting staff and has even decided on the basic concept, the shooting should begin quite soon, and when the reporters asked whether or not it was a breakthrough with the scale, Wu Chun tried to avoid the question saying "I will not disappoint everyone, I will like it very much as well"

At present, Wu Chun will stay in Chongquing for 2 days and will return to Taiwan, on July 31st and August 1st for the last 2 shows of the Mengniu Concerts, the representative for the same company is the ever popular idol group S.H.E. They will replace Fahrenheit to complete the last 2 shows for the grand finale.

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