July 15, 2009

Transformer: From Village Girl to City Girl

Village Girl Fu An goes to the hospital and saves Grandpa Wang Cai.

Village Girl is surprised at Dong Jie's cooking skills!

Village Girl finally meets Grandpa Wang Cai and lives in his mansion. It's also the first time we see Fu An with her hair down.

She looks like someone from the 1920s.

Oh~ first transformation from village girl to modern lady~

Her OL look.

Hair down again. She's thinking about her Nai Nai who passed away in the second episode.

So different compared to village girl outfit~

Simplicity is the best fashion.

Wa se~ now she looks more like a regular city gal than a village pumpkin.

Fu An (acted by Chen Qiao En) has changed since episode one. Appearance wise. Her inner character is still pretty much the same. She's still the same caring herbalist who can't be moved by money. Money is important but it's not a necessity.

Nai Nai said, "Even with more money, you can't buy happiness and health."

Yang Yang said, "To you [Da Feng/Blue], 8 billion is the most important thing. But to Xie Fu An, 8 billion is worth nothing."

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