July 22, 2009

Jiro Wang Prepares Cantonese song, “Same Origination.” Show Luo Celebrates His Birthday Early

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

Translated by endlessjoy @ http://asianfanatics.net

On July 24th, the “Mist Ox Sour Milk Superstar Concert Tour” will start its prologue at the Guangzhou College City Field. On the previously confirmed list of performers, Fahrenheit is added to it. The opening will either be Xu Fei or Yoga Lin You Jia. Then it will have Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, and Anson Hu’s giving great performances. At last, Fahrenheit will perform the ending act.

Jiro Wang Wants to Sing Cantonese Songs

One of the members of Fahrenheit, Jiro Wang, is originally from Guangdong. He’s long wanted his company to plan a “Origin Finding Adventure.” Never thought that this concert helped him make his dream come true. This concert tour will have a total of four stops in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Wuhan. Fahrenheit only participates in two of the stops. The other two stops will have another group from their company, S.H.E., performing. Jiro, after knowing that he can perform in his homeland, particularly asked that the two stops they perform in, one of them has to be Guangzhou. He even started practicing Cantonese, preparing to get close with Guangzhou fans and challenging himself to sing a Cantonese song for the Guangzhou fans.

Show Luo Celebrates Birthday Early

July 30th is Show Luo’s birthday. Show has decided to celebrate his birthday early with his fans at the Chongqing performance. The creator of the concert especially created a special birthday celebration ceremony, wanting to give Show a surprise. Guangzhou fans also didn’t let go of this opportunity and has already prepared his birthday gift. They will also say “Happy Birthday” to Show during his Guangzhou performance. After hearing the news, Show is very touched saying “It doesn’t matter what shape or form my birthday is celebrated in, all that matters is that my performance can give everyone happiness.”He said that he will bring his much collaborated dance group with him to perform, presenting everyone with the best performance

Jolin Wants to Create a New Record

The lead director of the Mist Ox Sour Milk Superstar Concert Tour said that they have designed a different opening/appearance style for everyone artist. “Just the elevating part of the stage, has many different plans.” But he said that Jolin’s appearance act will be the most prominent and the most difficult. “She will once again create a new high altitude performance record, challenging the fan’s psychological limit. This type of performance style is believe to be the first time performed by Jolin. “To coordinate with Jolin’s performance, the creators even used an equipment worth more than one million yuan. A water pump pillar is arrange on stage; water can pump up to six meters high, the water coming down can add to the different lighting events on stage.

Wow! I never knew that Jiro was from Guangdong!

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