July 18, 2009

I Had A Dream...

A magical fantasy dream. After some days of traveling, my crew and I eventually stumbled into an empty house. It was fate that bought us here. Each one of us had a piece of this "see-into-the-future" stone and we use our fate with our piece of stone to see into the future. Yea, so this guy of our crew was able to see the future of what will happen in this house. And while he is using his powers to get a more precise vision, I peered out the room and see the front door slowly open by itself. "OMG, the front door is opening by itself! What's gonna happen dude!" I screamed at the guy. And the guy says, "We going to get attacked by a lot of enemies." We all started panicking because for some odd reason, we were unarmed. I started to search for weapons in the small room we were in. I found a sharp wooden stick and ask the guy, "You think this will work?" He nodded but I doubt it and then I gave that weapon away to Ariel Lin. -GASP- So random! I never expected Ariel Lin to appear in my dream! But anyways, she got the sharp wooden stick as a weapon. I continued searching and found two badminton racquets! It's too late to look for a stronger weapon because suddenly, the door breaks open and this huge muscle man storms into with two big tennis racquets. He swings it towards me....

And then my phone rang and I woke up from my fantasy adventure dream.

I actually like had this dream before. Not like the same thing but like a continuation of the first dream that I had a few weeks or months ago. The only thing I seem to remember from the first dream was that I was using talismans to shoot things.

Wow...my dreams are like dramas. They come in episodes. Hmm...I wonder when the next episode will come. Hahahaa~ happy dreaming!

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  1. Wow! Hahah, that was very ... epic. Fun. :)

    I used to have dreams like that! But recently, these dreams don't come to me anymore. Bet cause I stopped watching these asian dramas, haha. ;) I'll get back to them soon!