July 27, 2009

Ethan Ruan forces Chen Qiao En to admit that she is secretly in love with him

From this picture, it looks like Ethan Ruan is the one secretly in love with Chen Qiao En

Ethan Ruan "taking care" of Chen Qiao En

Called sister by Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan is "angry"

Source: hexun.com
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net

The drama that once broke the highest ratings record in Taiwan "Fated To Love You" ("Fated" for short), will be airing on Star TV on the 3rd of August onwards. Yesterday, the leads Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan came to Guanzhou to promote the drama. "Mr and Mrs Ji" are as close as rumored; they will chat with each other regardless of the crowd watching. At the press conference, they will sometimes bicker and sometimes help each other to answer tough questions; they even pad each other's shoulder and are very active. The reporters boldly asked tough questions and they answer them freely.

1. How different are you from the characters of Xin Yi and Cun Xi?

Chen Qiao En plays the ordinary "sticky note girl". She said: "Xin Yi and I are not similar in any way. If you must find a character trait that are similar, it's that I am also very kind. But I will not pour coffee for others. Cun Xi is very mean in the beginning but later on we discover that he is very devoted in love. I also like guys who listen to their hearts." Talking about Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En said: "He is like Cun Xi, 死小孩" (translator note: hard to translate 死小孩, it means something like brat, punk, mischievous child etc). Ethan Ruan obediently agreed: "Right, I am 死小孩."

2. What happens if you sleeps with the wrong person?

In the drama, they got drunk and slept together. But when asked how they will handle if this happens in real life, the articulate Ethan Ruan stutters: "Wah, it's so hard to answer! If it happens, then don't avoid the problem, we must face it." Chen Qiao En, who is enjoying Ethan Ruan's discomfit, soon finds herself asked the same question. She thought for a while and said with difficulty: "It's very hard to answer." Now it's Ethan Ruan's turn to gloat: "See, I told you so."

3. Is Chen Qiao En secretly in love with Ethan Ruan?

In Chen Qiao En's new book, she revealed her romantic feelings. Everybody guessed that the man she is referring to is Ethan Ruan. When asked about this, Ethan Ruan said: "I have asked her. She said it may be me." But Chen Qiao En said: "When we were on the plane today, Ethan said to me: "Chen Qiao En, are you secretly in love with me? I know that I am indeed very handsome." Actually both of us are puzzled. When I wrote the article, we have finished filming "Fated To Love You" for some months. I hate it when reporters ask me who will I choose, Ming Dao or Ethan Ruan? Can I choose neither? Ming Dao is like an old man, I will tell him my problems. Ethan is like a sister." Ethan Ruan joking hit Chen Qiao En: "Do you want to die! The one Chen Qiao En wrote about is me. I don't care, it has to be me."

4. What will you do if the ratings in Guangzhou is good?

"Fated" ratings broke 10 in Taiwan and Ethan Ruan swam a not so naked swim. When asked whether he will also sacrifice if the ratings is good in Guangzhou, Ethan Ruan had learned his lesson and dare not make a bet again. He hesitated for a long time and dare not said naked swimming, only said vaguely: "Naked swimming is to thank the audience for their support." Chen Qiao En joked: "So now you are asking the audience to swim naked? You can wear winter clothes and sit in a public bus yelling "Fated To Love You"."

5. Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao cannot get along?

Ethan Ruan rose to the position of "first brother" with this drama and news of his threatening Ming Dao's position and they can't get along came out. Ethan Ruan talked about their interactions in private and said: "Ming Dao helped me to hold a cup of water in episode 12. He is senior and a good actor. Because he is a good friend of Qiao En, he visited us a few times when we were filming this drama. I also grabbed the opportunity to learn from him. We hope to film a drama together some day but can't find an opportunity right now. I feel that everybody has their own characteristic, so we should not say who replace who. I Ethan Ruan has my characteristic and Ming Dao also has his characteristic of a matured man."

6. When will you marry?

Both of them has a steady partner whom they dated for a long time. When asked when she will marry, Chen Qiao En joked: "Many people will feel that it's not important whether we win any awards. But sorry, I care a lot about it. I will only want to go home and bear children after I win an international award." Ethan Ruan stutters again: "If I have to choose between popularity and marriage, I will choose marriage. But now my career comes first. I hope to give my girl a steady life." Chen Qiao En comes to his help again: "Guys must have a broad shoulder for girls to lean on. He means he must earn 100 millions and give his other half a wealthy life." Ethan Ruan again agreed obediently: "That's right."

OoooooOOO! My favorite article/interview this year! I love it when Qian En and Xiao Tian are together onscreen. When there's TianEn, laughter and comedy are guaranteed to follow. The mischevious and playful Qiao En from the FTLY days is back! Sure haven't seen her this happy since FTLY days. Her laughter and smiles in the EFHL BTS videos feels very different from her previous drama BTS videos. She's more quiet and not as hyper as before. I'm so happy to hear that she finally reunited with Xiao Tian in Guanzhou because Xiao Tian can definitely bring back that radiant smile.

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