July 29, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life’ and ‘Fated to Love You’ being a hit broadcast; Female lead Chen Qiao En stepped on the Sticky Note, wants to be a Sunflower

Biography: Birthdate: 4 April Horoscope: Goat Blood Group: O Star sign: Aries Height: 163 cm Successful and Hit dramas: ‘Prince turns to Frog’, ‘Ying Ye 3+1’ ‘Fated to Love You’ ‘Stand by You’, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’.

Assess the 4 males closest to you: Evaluation of Ming Dao: Clever, speak with logic, in real life he is very in need of others to take care of and tag along with life.

Talk about Blue Lan Zheng Long: Initially we do not talk much, but Blue is very earnest in acting and our partnership is rather good.

Talk about Ethan Ruan: We are like ‘good sisters’, and we like to tease each other when we are together.

Talk about ‘Rao Bao’: it is an introvert, a good tempered prince

Source: http://times.clzg.cn/html/2009-07/29/content_75957.htm
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

To name Taiwan’s most popular idol drama actress, Joe Chen Qiao En will be the one. Last year, ‘Fated To Love You’ achieved the highest ratings and this year it is ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’. Since its debut in June this year, it has emerged champion in ratings for 6 consecutive weeks.

Someone mentioned that Chen Qiao En is a shy girl. Do not think so; do you think an Aries girl will hide behind someone. No, she is not Chen Xin Yee.

Although her role in ‘Fated to Love You’ as Chen Xin Yee is like a sticky note girl, (you can tear it out and stick it anywhere ) and you can call her as and when you wish to and this has brought her fame and named ‘No. 1 Idol Sister’, and it broke all records in Taiwan Idol dramas dnd now Starlit Sky satellite TV is going to replay this drama.

Chen Qiao En describe herself as sunflower, Helianthus annuus and is the strongest flower of them all. Having ride through storm, will make her more courageous, and bring calamity to meet sunshine and rainbow after the storm.

‘I am not Chen Xin Yee, the sticky note girl, I am myself.’ said Chen Qiao En; She is an Idol drama actress, is her boyfriend’s babe, and the mum of two cats and most importantly, she is herself, Chen Qiao En.

Actress, Chen Qiao En - She is never lucky though

From 2001, she started her profession and began to work as a comedian and host. This is not what she likes and when she narrated it, she was sad. Once, while participating in the game show video, she was thrown into the water from one storey, her spine was red after the water beating, and she fought back her tears, and brought herself ashore and continue filming.

In 2002, she was asked to host with variety flagship with Wu Zhong Xian she did not like to host, and she was not serious with her work, and rumours spread that she indulged in alcoholism and negative news on her being ‘big-headed’ and when asked while collaborating with Wu Zhong Xian, what have she learned and her answer was nothing.

Because of rejecting the role as host, she offended the managing company and was blacklisted and went through a period of low profile. She said that if she could enter the performance circle to be an actress and given the opportunity in acting, she will valiantly do her best.

And due to her persistence, the company changed its mind, or due to company’s commercial considerations, and after half a year of ‘freezing’, she eventually appeared but this time as a singer and together with 6 other girls formed the group called ‘7 Flowers’ but this was not her ambition.

Not until, in the year of 2005, when she acted in ‘Prince turns Frog’. Having gone through rough times, she gusto to work hard and she treasured the opportunity given. And she went to the editing crew to see her own performance and hope to deliver the perfect performance.

And this drama hit top ratings of 8 , and thereafter she acted in ‘Fated to Love You’ and the ratings soared, and the latter broke 13% in ratings.

Having gained popularity, and people call her ‘Idol Drama First Sister’ though she has reached 30 yrs old. And she almost forgotten instances where she was called clumsy for not able to inject humour or being scolded by producers. And she knew that she is not lucky and she does not come from a rich family, and have her ill-fate moments, so she is determined and must work hard.

As a mummy to her cats and she has shed tears because of them.

And when you mentioned Qiao En’s cats, words and pictures of them occupy half of her blog’s contents.

Chen Qiao En said she love animals more than humans. After working and when she reaches home it is past midnight, and the first thing she would do is to change cats litter and prepare food for her Ruo Bao and little Yoda before going to sleep. Once, the kitten sneezed and the nose bleeds and she immediately brought him to hospital. And the inject caused the kitten to bleed, she immediately broke into tears. …

Besides taking care of them, taking photos of her cats, buying the latest toys for her kittens, she dotes on them.

Homely Person; Staying at home for 7 days.

Besides work, she would stay at home and have a record of not stepping out for 7 days. Even for shopping, she will do it via internet. Good friends invite her to dine out, she would also declined and in the end, the friend stay home with her to eat mutton instead.

Besides, shopping from internet, playing video games, her other hobby is writing. She said that she is comfortable with writing and finds it an enjoyment and when writing, her time is completely hers.

Fond of writing and having published two books, and the new book called:“Qiao Jian Paris’ was being published in June. The book has her footprints in Paris and her trifling mood. And she is used to having an unconcerned attitude towards life; for those negative things, she is not bothered by them.

And she stressed that liking her words is more important than liking her. And she said she is a person who will express her love for her boyfriend, Michael and will insist in using a 0.4 refill ball pen and written closely and densely and do not use correction fluid, and use a small sticker to stick on the wrong word, at this moment, she is not an actress nor ‘Idol Drama Big Sister’ but a little girl in love.

As a Lover, Qiao En - Work is for love.

From her collaboration with her male leads ranging from Ming Dao, Ethan Ruan and Blue Lan, she is always rumoured to have an affair with her male co-stars. And when she was asked, she would just smiled.

Actually, Chen Qiao En has a long-time boyfriend called Michael, an Australian who is a broker. Talking about her boyfriend, Chen Qiao En is subtle yet sweet. ‘He is someone who lives in his own world, very simple person, and quite understand my work. Although I am busy filming and we cannot be like a normal couple where they meet often, but two persons with a little effort , can maintain the relationship by calling one another over the phone.’

Once, it was rumoured that Chen Qiao En and her boyfriend lack passion as they seldom see each other, she would shake her head and said that their feelings are good. And when she is tired of the work, he would send her short messages and asked her to be a professional. And she lamented that being an actress she needs to give up a lot of things, and pondered whether this is the price of fame and he would console her and she feel comforted.

They have quarreled and Michael is more diplomatic and Chen Qiao En is quick-tempered. And when they quarreled, due to Chen Qiao En limited understanding of English, both speak their own dialects, and in the end he quarrel cannot be continued. And Qiao En learned some ways of dealing with affairs from Michael.

Although she is a career-minded and forward-going lady, she is still like an ordinary girl who wants to be loved, and love is important to her life, now I work hard is for a good ending for love. And hope that by 35 yrs old have enough money to set up a family, and then to bring up children.

OK~ I change my mind. This is my favorite article of the year now! I really really admire this girl! She just keeps on going and falling down won't keep her back, it's makes her even more determined to reach her goal. Jia You, Chen Qiao En!

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  1. I just found out about Chen Qiao En through Fated to love You. well, cause I just finished watching it. wow I found that she's one great actress after I read your post here. thanks for sharing this ^_^