July 21, 2009

Da Dong and Calvin Chen take turns to hug Cyndi Wang, foolishly thinking about Japanese model Lena

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Cyndi Wang shooting "Momo Love" has made her love relationship blossom, within one day she got married twice. The grooms Da Dong and Calvin Chen took turns to shoot their wedding pictures, but while embracing Cyndi Wang the two had 25 year old mixed Japanese model Lena on their minds!

Da Dong gets sweaty, Calvin dislikes the smell

Within GTV idol drama Momo Love, the female lead Cyndi Wang is the only girl in the drama, like stars gathering around the moon, the wedding pictures were shot in succession with the two handsome guys. As it was a fantasy scene, Da dong and Calvin were the grooms wearing the same clothes, shoes and even the ties weren't an exception.

But on the day of the shoot, it just so happened that the wedding company had problems with the air conditioner, Da Dong who has the nickname "sweaty soldier", under the strong lights shinning down, sweat streamed down his back, his tie also getting wet. Taking over the scene was Calvin, he took a smell and immediately shouted "Wah! It all smells of sweat!" Da Dong chokingly replied" brothers should wear the same underwear, if he complains again get him a sock I wore, for him to wear!"

The brothers at the same time fall in love with Lena, both fighting for her

The two can usually put on a hundred poses for photo shoots, but coming across the wedding shoot especially holding hands with Cyndi, Da Dong and Calvin were unexpectedly helpless. They left the photographer to arrange the poses, who gave out commands for each single pose.

Within Fahrenheit, Da Dong and Calvin are the closest in age and have a good relationship, with similar preferences in women. The two in the drama fight over Cyndi, while out with the drama the two have recently started admiring the long legs, big eyes and half Japanese model Lena. A few days before, Lena had came to Taiwan, the two also agreed to run over to join in, to see the beautiful girls! To come across a girl they both like Calvin said " That respectively depends on the original story!" while Da Dong replied "Am not scared anymore, he might lose!"

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