July 11, 2009

Chen Qiao En & Blue Lan turns to behind the screens work, stop being idol dramas leads?

Source: Fashion Queen
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net

Television has never lacked new screen pairings. The time the new screen pairing of Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan turns a new page for idol drama screen pairings. They love acting and like their dramas, they are pursuing their dreams with passion.

In their new drama “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, idol drama queen Chen Qiao En and top actor Blue Lan cooperated for the first time. Chen Qiao En acts as the ordinary kind girl role that she excels in and Blue Lan challenges a villainous role for the first time, acting as a selfish and mercenary person. In the drama they are completely different but in real life they share the same passions for acting and hope to continue to touch more people with their performances.

Challenging behind the screen work in future

Loving acting and interested in related work, Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan both hopes to work behind the screen in future. Chen Qiao En said: “Wish to participate in script writing. Of course, now I don’t know anything about script writing, but I have many ideas and this is something I’ve always wanted to try.” As for the title of “idol drama queen”, she said: “I don’t want to be idol drama queen, because I don’t just want to act in idol dramas. I love acting and actors shouldn’t be confined by a certain role or a certain method of acting.” Chen Qiao En will start participating in a movie in September and from next year will branch towards the big screen, focusing on movies in future. Blue Lan currently focuses on acting. “Because I don’t know how long I can continue acting. But I am interested in both directing and script writing work. The process of creation makes me happy. I am happy being an actor and I feel that being able to share a feeling with people using moving pictures is a very good thing.”

Any actor they like? Blue Lan said: “Brad Pitt. In the past I think that he is very handsome but later on in the movie “Snatch” I realized that he is also a very good actor. One scene has the feel of black comedy. Brad Pitt acts as a deceiving gypsy in the movie which results in the triad burning his house down. In the scene where he tried to save his home, his whole body was tensed up and his eyes are bloodshot with tears. This scene left a deep impression on me and I feel that he acted really well!” In the future, Blue Lan also wants to try black comedy. “Very dark and very funny but there is cruelty in the laughter. I want to try this kind of thing.” Triad roles are also something he wants to try in future. Chen Qiao En said: “I admire many actors but in future I want to be like Maggie Cheung. I like her attitude towards life and the way she lives. She left Hong Kong for France to live. She is serious towards life and she is true to herself. More ever she is very talented. Maybe she had been invited to participate in many big movie productions and can enjoy even more frame and fortune, but she chooses to remain herself. I still can’t live like this now, but I hope that one day I can be as carefree as she is.” If she can choose a role she wants to act in, Chen Qiao En said: “I want to act as a murderous fiend, or a role like Ying Ru in Nine Knife’s “The Guest Downstairs”. People will only show their dark sides when they are alone by themselves. Humans are just bodies with souls. Actors too inject souls in bodies to present different types of roles.” To Blue Lan and Chen Qiao En, acting is not just a performance or a job, it’s also a way to understand and experience life.

A simple love

Having acted for so long, Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan are used to portraying love on screen. In private what is their views on love? Blue Lan said: “I feel that my best lover is also my best friend. We can chat endlessly and feels interested every time we chat! I value everyday interactions.” Chen Qiao En feels that she can make a long list of the qualities she looks for in her ideal lover but in the end “suitable” is the best condition for ideal lover. “I like simple men who, like a child, is innocent and can be happy over simple things. Because I will feel happy too and people who knows how to be happy lives a blessed life.” They often portrayed love onscreen but for real life loves, they only hope reality can last forever.

Chen Qiao En x Blue Lan Q&A

What style of dressing do you like?

Chen Qiao En: I am quite changeable. I like tight fitting clothes. Comparing clothes that are revealing or clothes that are tight fitting, I feel that dressing in tight fitting clothes is more feminine. Tight fitting but comfortable, with lines what show the curves in the body, I feel that our bodies are beautiful. Exposing too much feels strange. As long it fits our bodies and our postures are beautiful is enough.

Blue Lan: Now I feel that being clean and neat in very important. Accessories are simpler. Wear a watch that can represent our character. Getting a watch that suits us is very important for men. I like mechanical watches. Watches with steel materials and a huge face are elements that I like.

Beauty secrets?

Chen Qiao En: Makeup removal is very important. Having enough sleep makes a lot of difference, can tell from your facial tone and skin condition.

Blue Lan: Drink enough water. Other than putting on makeup for photo taking today, I seldom put on makeup even during filming.

If you didn’t become an artiste, what do you want to be?

Chen Qiao En: Become a veterinarian! Because I love cats and dogs and I treats animals better than people (laughs). Or become a social worker and helps to reform wayward youths etc, but the salary has to be better because it is too low, ha ha.

Blue Lan: Cook. Normally I cook at home and I feel that cooking helps me to forget other matters. Preparing the ingredients and thinking of how to cook them, an afternoon passes away just like that. I will cook my own pizza, curry rice and salad. If I open a restaurant, I won’t offer any kind of cuisine. I will just cook the things I like to eat. Whatever I cook, the customers eat. No menu and simple tastes.

How do you pass your private times?

Chen Qiao En: Watch movies (big laughter). If you put me in a cinema, I can really stay there for 2 days and 2 nights. Watching movies, watching DVDs, watching series. Sometimes I will write and draw. I feel that people thinking changes. At different times we will have different thoughts. When we experience more things, the way we looks at things will also changes.

Blue Lan: Riding bicycle, reading, go to the sea and swim. I also like travelling and plans to go to Tibet in September. After reading “The Tibet Book Of Living And Dying”, I have been thinking about this for many years. I am still planning the times and way to travel. My deepest impression when travelling is at Venice. The men there are too handsome, so handsome that I will think “Why is it like this?” But it is too touristy and too commercial over there. Maybe because Venice is sinking, so we feels that things that are about to disappear are more beautiful.

If you can realize a dream now, it will be…?

Chen Qiao En: I wish for 10 scripts and let me choose a very good one. Let me have enough time to get into the character, and then we film it with the best script and the best crew. I wish to know what the result will be like? (Does not forget about acting during wish making, she is really someone who loves acting!)

Blue Lan: Gives me 10 more wishes. Ha ha. But seriously, I hope not to face the question of death. I feel that dying is a painful matter, so I kind of don’t want to face it.

WAH~ so happy to see Qiao En branch out into her acting career! This move just might change my attitude towards movies! Hahahaa~ Remember to watch episode 6 of EFHL tomo!

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