July 12, 2009

Chen Qiao En becomes the Best-Seller Queen of Books with the sales of Paris book accomplishing 2.4 million

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Little Idol Drama Queen, Chen Qiao En travelled to Paris to snap beautiful photographs for her new book, ‘Qiao Jian Ba Li’ and roaming round the streets alone cost 500,000 dollars. The end results was that the sales of the new book for less than a few days sold more than 50 thousands and she earned near to 2.4 million dollars royalty fees.

A person who loved cats, yesterday she made an introductory on animals and donated 50 thousands to the Stray Animals Home and she plans to help young kids from remote areas to embark on schooling.

200 euros and exclaimed it is cheap, shop for LV bags

Chen Qiao En wore an attire[戰利品] she bought from Paris at the autograph session and smilingly said that when she purchased that time, she does not know when she will wear it, and in the end she could wear it immediately at the autograph session. She revealed that during the trip, she bought many clothings and she does not have numeric in mind and when she sees that it costs only one, two hundred euros, she will think that it is cheap, and as and when she feels like it, she will purchase it. She spent the most in buying bags.

Gave Ming Dao a passport holder and but not to boyfriend

She said that on LV products alone, she has spent a few hundred thousands including gifts to be given away where she bought over 10 items and this includes Ming Dao’s passport holder. And her boyfriend does not have one. Because the one which Ming Dao is using is torn and even the Manager could not stand it. And the gift is given to Ming Dao as a belated birthday gift and she hopes he will not give it away.

Yesterday, the autograph session was held outdoor and it was very hot. Chen Qiao En is concerned for her fans who are waiting in the long queue and there are over 10 fans from as far as Singapore and Hong Kong. Actually she wanted to hold a charity bazaar for her clothes, however eventually she bought them herself for 50 thousands dollars and gave the clothes away to her fans. She hopes to challenge to write short essays stories the next time round. 

I so wish I was in Taiwan right now! I would not mind queuing up to get her autograph and to see her in person and to shake her hand! Her book is selling so well! Congrats!

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