July 15, 2009

Calvin's Blog Post: How is Everyone?

Translated by Tiffany@FahrenheitGloba1
Picture from Calvin AF Gallery

From the filming on the first of June till now, it's been almost a month plus

Everyday it's always from dawn to late night

It's a little tiring, but very fulfilling

Every time when I'm tired,

I will think of

all the passionate support I have from you adorable fans

I will have infinite motivation

I've been filming at Zhang Hua for 3 weeks plus

Every filming

I will know more about Taiwan this treasure island

So many rich literature and historical backgrounds

Here, there's the farming culture and village construction that Taipei doesn't have

On the same piece of land

not far from us,

there's all kinds of trades

with different lifestyles

The important point is

We must love the type of living we chose


Now, filming Momo Love and Love Buffet simultaneously

I will be traveling between Zhang Hua and Taipei at the same time

Sometimes I have to go back to Taipei again in one or two days' time

After filming a bit in Taipei, I will have to return to Zhanghua again

Sometimes I will think that I must be crazy

to accept two films at a go


I really like XIng Da Ye and Xue Zhi Qiang this two roles

Da Ye for his optimism and sunshine

he can bring people warmth and good mood anytime

Zhi Qiang for his determination and persistence

making one touched deeply

I wish to have better and more outstanding roles to surprise everyone

Everyone don't worry

I will definitely work hard to film

and rest hard too

and work hard to give everyone surprises

I'm not alone

I have lots and lots of adorable and considerate you

supporting me and encouraging me

moving with me

no matter how far apart we are

the internet will pull us closer

All your support, I am able to receive everyday

I will continue to work hard and go on

Summer is already here. For those of you who are students, enjoy your summer vacation. Find something you interested or love to do. For those of you who are working, work hard and rest well. Just like me=)

About the earthquake happened in Taiwan last night. I am glad there are no bad news on TV. Hope all of you are alright.

Remember to bring umbrella whenever you go out because it’s going to rain a lot these days.

Calvinn~ awww, he's so sweet to his fans! He must be tired out from filming two dramas at the same time! Imagine having to act as one person one day and then the next day you have to act as a totally different person! That's pretty tough! Hang in there Calvin! BTW, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! IT LOOKS AWESOME!

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  1. Omg he got soooo skinny! :( -sad- looks malnourished