July 06, 2009

Blue Lan kisses Joe Chen in bed; very comfortable

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Joe Chen doesn’t understand Blue Lan’s humour, but Blue still praises Joe for having guts: “The things she doesn’t want to talk about, she’s not afraid to say no.” Blue & Joe’s first kiss scene in SETTV drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ was in an unromantic swamp, now the scene has changed to a bed, and the 2 feel much more comfortable.

When asked Joe whether she has any kissing after drinking experiences, she replied she did during filming of ‘Fated To Love You’ with Ethan Ruan: “At the time, I drunk lots of red wine, and felt really dizzy.” Blue said that he likes kissing while slightly intoxicated because it feels like you’re kind of up in the clouds, however it seems like not many girls also like it.

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