July 28, 2009

Arron Yan's slimming pants for burning off fat, with flashing speed becomes the buying kid

Arron Yan trying to keep his figure, reveals DBSK also wear slimming pants to burn off fat

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Arron Yan has been in Changhua, Yuanlin to film GTV's idol drama Love Buffet. In the room where he has been living in for the past month, spread out across his bed are sunglasses, shoes and clothes, even the suitcase that Wu Chun gave him is full, he laughed saying "when the time comes I might need a truck to move it all!"

Shopping skills, there's nobody that can compete

Arron Yan taking advantage of the free time when he isn't filming, will go to Taichung and Changhua city center to spend his money shopping. In his room it is filled with clothes and shoes from his recent plunder with "lightning hand movements" and spending money skills that nobody can compare to, he said "some of the stores are opened by close friends, so they give discount!"

Living in Changhua for a month, this is the 1st time he has been away from home for such a long period. After Arron received surgery on his right leg meniscus cartilage, to help protect his leg, his dad gave him an electric massager for the leg, carrying it with him where ever he goes. When free, he will tie it to his leg including his waist, in his room he will go on the internet, keeping healthy and exercising.

Keeping healthy not forgetting to burn off fat

Arron Yan filming a drama and simultaneously keeping healthy, in order to maintain his figure, he bought with him tight slimming pants, while displaying his pants he said " I heard that the all the members in the Korean group DBSK wear this! it's super effective!"

Within Fahrenheit, Wu Chun is filming a movie, Jiro Wang is filming Momo Love in Taipei and Calvin Chen is running back and forth from Taipei to Changhau. The four members look like they are flying solo, but in actual fact, for Arron Yan's filming in Changhau, Wu Chun gave him a suitcase. He said, Wu Chun separately gave all three of them each a suitcase, because Arron Yan's real name is "Wu Geng Lin" at the bottom of the suitcase it was signed as "Wu king of music", showing that the friendship of the 4 will not change.

Haha~Chun is so thoughtful to buy suitcases for his bros! And wow~ this article makes Arron sound like a super shopaholic! Hahaha! And wow~ the power of DBSK! Hahaha!

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