June 03, 2009

TVB's [The Last Breakthrough] won Korea's Most Popular TV Drama Series

Translated by: choccho@http://asianfanatics.net/forum

TVB series [The Last Breakthrough] which was aired in Korea last year has won the most popular TV Drama series of the year. However, the male leads, one of whom is the newly-crowned Hong Kong Best Actor Nick Cheung and Raymond Lam who is busy preparing for his concert, are not able to attend the awards ceremony in Korea.

In this respect, TVB Executive, Ms Virginia Lok will arrange for the cast in [Palace Scheme] to head the promotional activity in Korea. This has created a traveling opportunity for the rumored couple, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh. It has also been reported that Tavia Yeung and another female lead in [The Last Breakthrough] Sonija Kwok will be heading to Korea as well.

Whoa~this is quite a surprise! Congrats to this series! Leila and Raymond were awesome in this show. I actually really liked Bosco in this show, he was so funny and childish at times. Anyhow, this show was really good. I enjoyed the scenes in Kenya more than the ones taken in HK. Hahaha~

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