June 23, 2009

Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung in new TVB Series

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Choccho @ http://asianfanatics/net/

Following the concert, Raymond Lam will be filming a new series with Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma which is scheduled to commence filming in July. This series was written and drawn under the inspiration of Japan’s famous TV series ‘Detective Galileo’.

The tentative title of the series is [談情說案], taking the role as Galileo, Raymond, is a university associate professor in physics. As a rational scientist, he believes that in everything, there exists a connection with the philosophy of science.

Raymond will pair up with the criminal investigator, Tavia in solving many criminal cases. In the new series, they will be romantically linked up as well.
Raymond said that he grew up with detective novels, however, this would be his first detective series and that this would be a new experience for him. Asked if he has watched the TV series, Raymond said : [I don’t even have the time to watch the series that I have acted in, hence, time just does not permit me to watch other series]. Asked if he is worried that he will be compared with Masaharu Fukuyama, he said : [In everything that you do, you will still be the subject of comparison, nevertheless, there are many differences, from the the scripts and plots to the actors and actresses with different portrayal of each roles and characters, I believe they are different altogether].

Focuses on Romantic relationship
This would also be Tavia’s first time taking on a role as a criminal investigator. Tavia said : This is a fresh new experience for me. The plot is also different, I certainly look forward to it].

Asked if she is worried that this series will be compared with Japan’s ‘Detective Galileo’. [Not worried, it’s totally different storyline, and according to the Producer, Lau Ka Hou, this series will also focus on the romantic relationships, hence, I believe the audience will not compare this series with ‘Detective Galileo’].

Wahh~ A detective series! Ooo, my interest in watching TVB has suddenly risen. I'm so darn tired of watching so many family dramas. My Heart Of Greed fever wasn't even over when they started to air Moonlight Resonance. By the time, Moonlight Resonance ended, I started to dislike watching family dramas, just a little disliking. Then along came Gem of Life...and -sigh- interest in family dramas dropped below 0. Interest in TVB also started dropping rapidly. I'm so tired of watching people argue in every single episode. That's why I kinda like and don't like Rosy Business. The storyline is interesting but I'm so sick of those arguing scenes and fights over inheritance. Life is tough enough, I don't need to be reminded of that.

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