June 05, 2009

Ming Pao Weekly Coverage on Ella, Jerry and "Just" Filming - Ella’s Hilarious Antics Won Over “Difficult” Jerry

Ming Pao - Issue 049

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translated by : syyang @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum (Ella's AF thread)

Ella’s Hilarious Antics Won Over “Difficult” Jerry

Jerry’s cool has been conquered by Ella’s funny and approachable personality! In their latest collaboration for new idol serial [Just Want to Depend on You], both artistes are like part of a family on-and-off screen. In the past when filming idol serials, Jerry would be labeled as “difficult” and “showing black face” etc; but this time, he is actually full of smiles. Even the producer is full of praise for the ambience and indeed, Ella’s charms are irresistible.

The new idol serial [Just] is a collaboration between GTV and Domani. Ever since the male and female leads - Jerry and Ella are announced, this pairing has been the centre of everybody’s attention. Producer Ke Yi Qin expressed, even if we do not mention about the interesting clashes weaved in the plot and subplots of the drama, with just Ella and Jerry’s contrasting “warm vs cool”, “funny vs introvert” personalities, the artistes’ unique attributes are already a big draw for viewers.

Waves of Jokes Coupled with Funny Expressions

Indeed, it has been proven that the producer’s thoughts were right. Based on what we have learnt, since [Just] started filming, despite being the first project Ella, Jerry and the production crew are working together; everyone was very quickly drawn into the lively and friendly ambience. This is especially so for Jerry, whom many used to think of as “introvert and emotional”. Under the waves of “attack” from Ella’s smiles + jokes + funny expressions, even the most reserved and strict “mask” of Jerry crumbled, and his smiles are seen more frequently, and just like what Ella has promised to do - to “melt” Jerry, during the press conference of [Just].

When asked to share on his experience working with Ella to date, Jerry has expressed via his artiste manager, Fenny that Ella is very lively, adorable and interesting. She also likes to joke, thus, acting with her is very comfortable, relaxing and with no pressure. As he feels at ease acting with her, even his smiles have increased and he feels very happy at the collaboration.

According to what some crew members shared on their experiences initially. The first to report for filming was Jerry and his role in [Just] is as a lawyer - Xiang Yu Ping (XYP). As it was the first collaboration between them and with the new environment, initially, everyone’s impression of Jerry was polite and modest. He is very professional, but as he does not really chat nor joke around with the rest, it felt a little boring.

Subsequently, Ella started filming with the team. Her role in [Just], Yang Guo, is the 17th nanny employed by XYP to take care of his 2 mischievous nephew and niece. Initially, as Ella was also unfamiliar with the production team, there was a little distance between everyone. Hence, other than during filming, she was not as “playful and funny” as what others often say, and less chatty. She seldom talked beyond her lines, which surprised many people.

Letting Guards Down, Stifle Laughs Resulting in NG

Nonetheless, Ella is still Ella after all. After a few days of filming, and having gotten to know members of the crew a little better, she could no longer carry on the “dainty lady charisma”. Her bubbly, extrovert and approachable personality was not only “set free”, but also went on “full blast”. As long as it is not during filming, one could catch her chatting and joking with crew members, and rallying everyone to bring them into the mood and becoming everyone’s source of happiness.

After letting down her guard through initial observation, Ella also started chatting and joking with the director, Ke Han Chen. She is able to crack jokes timely coupled with many expressions, putting Jerry at ease. Crew members shared that as Jerry is acting as a composed, intelligent and cold lawyer; whenever they filmed parts on the lawyer firm, he would become very stern. However whenever Ella is around, she would throw in jokes on the sideline with her many funny expressions, as a result, Jerry will become more relaxed and even smile. His expression would also soften a little and sometimes he could not refrain from laughing and getting NG which crew members would also be tickled by him.

Even the reserved Jerry was tickled; needless to say, so was the director. He had long “surrendered” to Ella’s friendliness and will also join everyone in the “rest and relax fun” when not filming! For instance, one day Ella arrived on the set in the afternoon. As usual, Ella would first report to and greet the director, “Good afternoon”. In response, he decided to act cool and replied playfully, “You are ‘Good afternoon’, but I am ‘Good morning’.” Meanwhile, Jerry who was standing by the side, surprised everyone when he suddenly chirped in with a “I am also ‘Good morning’ ah”. In response, Ella could only throw her arms open and said, “Who ask you all to schedule me for filming only in the afternoon!” The crew members laughed. To a total stranger who do not understand them, he / she would probably thought the director and Jerry were being sarcastic to Ella for being late. But in fact, the director and Jerry are cracking jokes together at Ella, expressing their envy that she could sleep a little longer till the afternoon before her turn to film.

Nearly Lose Chance of Acting Due to Being Late

Actually, despite already being handpicked and confirmed by the production team and TV station for the female lead role in [Just], Ella was close to losing the chance to act in the drama. Ke Yi Qin revealed, “During the first meeting with Ella, myself, the scriptwriter, director and almost all the important members of the production team were present; never did we expect Ella to be late for over an hour. Initially we were a little upset, but Ella was able to handle the situation well. She requested for her artiste manager to buy beverage for everyone and hurried over to the meeting venue first, to help explain the reason for her being held up, and to reassure and pacify everyone. When Ella subsequently rushed down, she immediately bowed and apologized sincerely to each and every one personally when she stepped in. She is someone who is very worldly-wise and respectful, and with her warm smile, she makes everyone feels comfortable and could not bear to blame her further. Hence, everyone forgive her quickly and we proceed with the meeting happily.”

Since collaborating with Ella for over a month, Ke Yi Qin was moved by her unique personality. She shared, “Not every artiste can act well. Ella is very intelligent and her reflexes are quick. Not only does she possess the unique traits required of an artiste, she also has the talents in acting. Her acting is natural and not pretentious. You can say she is born to be in the entertainment industry. But despite her earlier serials receiving good viewership ratings, and left viewers with positive impression, she does not have a role which could stand out totally. The storyline of [Just] can be said to be customized for her, as the role is well-suited to her personality. I personally feel that this will be her most representative role, in relation to her past idol serials.

Director Full of Praise for Right Casting

Director Ke Han Chen is collaborating with Ella for the first time and he expressed great satisfaction with her performance to date. Based on the director’s observation, Ella last acted in GTV’s idol serial [Hana Kimi] in 2006, and she has not acted for more than a year. Therefore when she first joined the production team, she appeared a little unfamiliar with the whole setting. However, Ella views filming as “play” and was able to very quickly identify her interest. Coupled with her innate artiste nature; using her intelligence, professionalism and positive team-spirit attitude, she is able to promptly pick up the “feel” for acting and adjust herself to shorten the “running-in” time with crew members and become part of the team.

With regard to Ella’s performance, Ke Yi Qin feels that they have really casted the right person for the role. She shared that one of the reasons for choosing Ella to act as YG in [Just] is because of the vast contrast of personalities between Jerry and her. The second reason is because Ella and YG’s personalities are a perfect match. The moment Ella steps before the camera, she hardly requires any twigging in her acting skills to convincingly portray this role.

“The female role, YG, is a kind-hearted, innocent, optimistic and contented girl. Despite being hit by drastic situations and bad luck, she would always be able to find ways to encourage herself, and to believe in “real love conquers all things”. Ella’s girl-next-door bubbly, natural personality, an ordinary disposition without any coquettish feel, gives one the impression that she can embrace and overcome any situations cheerfully, which fits well with the storyline and the role.” Ke Yi Qin shared.

Able to Portray Role Convincingly

The production team handpicked Ella not only because she could “melt” Jerry, and possesses the unique characteristics akin to the role; the third reason is also because only Ella is suitable to act in certain parts of the subplots. Ke Yi Qin quoted an example. The male lead, XYP, first ran into the blur waitress, YG, in a restaurant where she made a blunder. Under some misleading confusions, he mistook YG as a lesbian, with no interest like other women who would bother and scheme about marrying him. Therefore he let down his guard to hire her as a nanny, and let her into his house.

Ke Yi Qin expressed, “With just this important plot alone, if you look within the entertainment industry, regardless Drama Heavenly Queens Ariel Lin or Rainie Yang, they would not be suitable. We need someone who has a more androgynous feel, hence, Ella who acted as a girl with a boy’s disguise in [Hana Kimi] is the best person for the role. Therefore, this role is specially customized for her and only she can convincingly bring out the plot.”

Although everyone is anxious to watch Ella and Jerry’s performance in [Just], it seemed that viewers have to wait till after the winter holidays. The reason is because both Jerry and Ella are very busy artistes. Jerry is going to release his new album and it is inevitable for him to be doing local and overseas promotions for 2 months or so. Meanwhile, Ella, together with SH will be holding their concert in Macau at the end of June and prior to this, there would be many rehearsals. The production team must make full use of their available timeslots to quickly finish filming. Producer Ke Yi Qin said, “We are fully aware of such situations prior to filming and will exercise flexibility in arranging their schedules, so as not to affect the progress of filming. Of course, another factor which would affect the telecast of the serial would be the programmes-line-up by the TV station. Therefore we urge viewers to wait patiently.”

Thumbs up, Ella! He finally gave in to her sunshine attitude! Hahahaha~

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